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  1. So where's the 2017 National going to be???
  2. Will is a very stand up guy, he'll make things right just as soon as he can.
  3. You'll be fine Will, I went thru it twice and made it out better than ever! Just remember 2 things, don't sweat the small shit and it's all small shit! In other words, keep your cool brother and everything will work out fine.
  4. SWEET, and yes I love my CycleOps shift linkage as well!
  5. Merry Christmas Will, hope you and yours had a wonderful day!
  6. God bless you and your family Will, this is great news!
  7. All the best to you and your family Will, hope everything works out. As you know I'm on wife #3, shit happens!
  8. I've only got a couple hundred miles on the EBC HH pads but there is night and day difference between these and the stock pads on my XC! I would say another 50% stopping power, much better "feel" and none of the squeal I had with the stock pads. Anyone debating which pads to go with, these are it IMHO. With the stock pads I was having to grab a fist full and they had the feel of a brick. I can 2 finger the front brake now and it will stop on a dime and give change back!
  9. Your website lists the Lyndall Gold+ pads for the rear of the XC but not the front, do you have the fronts??
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