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  1. I used my helmet cam to shoot the ride back from Jefferson to Lewiston at this years meet. Be warned, it is 46 minutes long, but tried not to cut out the better parts. kxQ-IV5mJag
  2. Just to give you an idea of trying to "centralize" the meet, Rugby, North Dakota in considered the geographical centre of North America. I rode through there on the way to the AVR this year. So if you were to try to get something set up kind of middle of the road, someplace south of but generally in line of there would be ideal for trying to get riders equal distance from both coasts. By the way, I rode 1300 miles one way to the National meet this year.
  3. Some more. Darn it, forgot to reduce settings on camera, will have to resize them all so I can post them.
  4. Which camp site did you use? Can you post the link?
  5. How about camp grounds for us impoversed people who like to rough it? Any close by?
  6. Hindsight, a good trailer lock for the hitch is worth its wait in gold, they likely just took the trailer, imagine thier surprise when they got the door open.
  7. Im with you spider, gonna start the plans now.
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