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  1. In the past I have had questions about the HID drowning out my High beam light intensity. Now someone has been PMing me about HID questions and it made me get my manual out and check the headlight info. I may have found another problem. When checking the bulb numbers, my manual says H8 bulb for high beam and H11 for low beam. I changed out my high beam bulb a week ago for a brighter bulb, the H11 that I replaced was in the high beam location. Can anyone else verify this, or is it a mix up in the manual? Is the H8 supposed to be brighter than the H11? My manual for the 07 JP says H8, high beam, is 55w and the H11, low beam, is 35w. The lock for the bulb is different for the high beam to the low beam isn't it? Maybe the previous owner got them mixed up if they are the same? There is a HID in the low beam location now.
  2. Are the Lloyds ones the same as the older ones? I have heard they are good.
  3. I have been riding my girlfriend around and taking it easy lately Too easy just way to easy. LOL :tu
  4. I rode my 99C for a couple weeks with it bypassed, had no issues.
  5. The way it is done depends on if the studs are farther apart or closer together. That is the hardest part. But nothing a die grinder and a burr bit wouldn't fix, depending on the difference in distance. New mounts wouldn't be to hard. And Rylan has mounted Freedom engine pipes on Hammer engines, but that took some cutting of the pipes and rewelding them back together. But still not impossible.
  6. I just put a Corbin seat on my JP, drivers and pass. Never had to use the Air Hawk pad all the way home from the factory in Hollister, approx. 2500 miles one way. Had to use it all the wary down. Drivers seat by itself is around 350 with matching welt done. All told, drivers seat, pass seat and pass backrest was 924 tax in. Well worth it to me. Stock seat was a killer.
  7. What year Vegas? If it has the LED tailight, something may be wrong with the current control. But check your switches as well, if the brake light is on all the time, a switch may be bad.
  8. My understanding is the tooth spacing from HD to Vic is just a bit different. Some have used them with no probs, some have had probs. Rylan does a lot of work on these, he may have an old laying around that would work if he has done any change overs. Give the Vic Shop a call and check with him.
  9. You may not be able to see the issue without the tire turning. Jack it up on a lift and spin the tire by hand, faster the better. Use a block of wood, 2x4 should work, and lay it sideways to the tire and see if it runs out of round or has a similar issue. It sounds like you have an issue only in the center of the tire, not on the sides.
  10. I have changed my 07 JP to LED on the rear only so far. They do flash faster, but, cross my fingers, haven't hurt the ACM yet. You don't have to change them as a set, not sure about when you should install the resistor, I am sure someone else will chip in on that point.
  11. The starters from Mercury Marine motors also work. Do a search, info should come up.
  12. So its squeaks only going over bumps? Not when accel or deccel? And I take it a shop did the lowering for you, correct?
  13. Did you grease the pivot points when you had it apart?
  14. I will have to check it, but I am sure my JP is m8 for that bolt. And yes, any bolt shop should have the one you need in stainless. Also agree ebay may be the best place for the washer, but you may end up buying the seat as well to get it. Facebook has a Vic buy and sell section, I believe a guy had a seat there for 25 bucks.
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