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  1. This from Ballad health Johnson City Friday, July 10, 2020 Health officials issue concern, urge precautions as regional COVID-19 cases rapidly increase
  2. We will be riding to the meet on Thursday the 12th taking the scenic route if anybody in the Northeast wants to ride to the meet with us
  3. Hunter was a great event looking forward to this tears event
  4. I have secured 10 rooms at The budget Inn 320 Greentree Drive • East Stroudsburg, PA • 1830 Code is V2V and rooms will be $73
  5. We have registered and booked our room, and look forward to seeeing all friends
  6. Many thanks to Vohn and the Lowcountry Victory Riders for stepping up and thanks to the events committee for all you do
  7. https://goo.gl/maps/528w4Y877Mm This is the final route for the last leg of the V2V after yesterdays preride :chpr :chpr :chpr
  8. https://goo.gl/maps/14fngZnPyUq Here is the tentative route pending pre-ride's to check for road conditions/ construction or possible parade routes. As usual we will be putting on a cookout to celebrate another completed V2V at our home in Chicopee. All are welcome to join the ride and the celebration. Hotel info is still pending but will be up this week.
  9. Gene I wanted to give you a heads up that now nobody is headed down to Maryland to do 2 legs we will see you in Stroudsburg
  10. It looks like there will be 3 or more of us going to Maryland to ride the last 2 legs
  11. This day is also Fathers Day. As usual we will have a kickoff cookout the evening before. Its A Saturday this year! :chpr :tu :pty :pcb :beer
  12. Sorry to hear that Matt get well soon
  13. We are leaving on August 12 and riding the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way, then we will be in Maggie Vally for 3 days to ride the Smokies before heading over to the meet. If anybody wants to join for all or part of the experience PM me and I will give more details. :chpr :chpr :chpr :beer
  14. Booked our room and we are planning to take the scenic route to TN.
  15. Already planning my route to Tenn.
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