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  1. Just to throw another town in the mix....how about Flagstaff, AZ!?!? I don't even live there...just wanted to throw it out there. LOL!!
  2. The FB page associated with the National Meet has been "blown up" to say the least. It has been great to hear the ideas of the people and there are apparently two clubs east of the Mississippi that have submitted proposals to host next year. This is still pending. I agree with Blister that there needs to be two separate events. On FB I am known as "Fireball" - if you know the story behind it then you know who I am. I mentioned Pismo Beach (Central Coast CA) as a potential spot - granted it would be another "West Coast" National Meet but the rides are endless and so are the views. Wineries, Highway 1 to Monterey, Santa Barbara, Morro Bay/Cambria, the beach, quad riding, plenty of RV parking if one so desires, and did I mention PERFECT weather?!?!? I would be more than willing to help out, meet with hotel staff there, make things happen but let's be honest.....it takes a group to make this happen. I do not want to submit a proposal without multiple affiliated Chapter's saying, "Yeah....let's make this happen" and then it becomes an utter failure......because after Lewiston.....there is a HIGH standard to hold because they did it right and there were zero glitches from an outside prospective. I also wouldn't want to place the Chapter I ride with (or other nearby Chapters) into a situation that they would not be comfortable with by submitting a proposal.
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