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  1. Leg 9 left Fort Morgan after the baton exchange. Stops along the way, Ft Collins CO, Laramie WY and Centennial WY for lunch
  2. End of leg 8 in Fort Morgan CO. Today’s tour was through some of the rolling hills of NW KS. Yes, there are hills in KS! A little warm, my bike had 107 at one time. We met 3 more riders at St Francis and even more at Ft Morgan. Dinner and cocktails at the Mav next to the hotel.
  3. Leg 8 Saturday 6-29-19. Lunch at Re-Load in Oberlin KS. Then a nice cool walk through Motorcycle Museum in St Francis KS.
  4. End of leg 7. Paul and Tina Simpson hosted the riders at their home. Wonderful dinner and lots of visiting. Beautiful sunset over the lake. Everyone had a great time ! Thank you Paul and Tina!
  5. 6-28-19 Leg 7. Victory Eagle in Topeka KS, Gage Park.
  6. Leg 7 left Platte City, MO. We are 10 Victory’s strong on this leg! Woo-hoo!!!! Oh, and a pickup too. 15 people on this adventure. Leg captain Lowell Johnson, veteran riders that have been on many V2V’s. Brent Fletcher CA, Tom and Patti Wise CA, Bob and Deb Klein Wichita KS. Other return riders Charlie Dischner, Vivian Hardin. First time riders are Anthony Schleisman Ottumwa IA, David Crew Peoria IL, Klent Harkness Wichita KS, Jon Williams and daughter Amber KC KS, Nolan and Desty Haddock Clinton MO. 1st stop this morning, the Victory Eagle Memorial (1 of 3 in KS) at Lawrence KS near Kansas University.
  7. Leg 6 dinner in Platte City Mo (near Kansas City). Known as the Veterans Leg and Meet in the Middle. We had 16 attendees for dinner. It is traditional to have a cake to honor all of our veterans. We have 3 Navy veterans among the group. Anthony Schleisman, Charlie Dischner and Klent Harkness.
  8. Leg 6 last stop before hotel, just an interesting bit of history in Lexington, MO. That is a cannon ball in the column of the courthouse.
  9. Leg 6 lunch stop in Centertown, MO. Tammy was manning the grill, fryer and register.
  10. if you look closely. The last picture in previous post shows several modes of transportation with the Gateway to the West Arch in the back ground. Motorcycle (vehicle), rail, and river (barge).
  11. Leg 6 left Collinsville IL today 6-27-19 with 5 riders; Leg Captain Lowell Johnson, Dave Crew, Brent Fletcher, Anthony Schleisman, Viv Hardin. Tom and Patti Wise took the direct route to Platte City Mo due to the heat. First stop was E St Louis to view the arch.
  12. Leg 4 started at Pickerington Ohio at 8 AM on 6-25-19. 6 riders: Wayne Oosterhoff Jr and Wayne Oosterhoff Sr, Tom and Patti Wise, Viv Hardin and Lowell Johnson. At end of ride Mike Simpson joined us and will ride leg 5. Pics will be coming soon. We had a marvelous day. Saw several sights along the way, fantastic roads, great weather and wonderful friends!
  13. Leg 3. 6-24-19. 7 riders. Gene Hunt, Jim Koshar, Mike Riddelle, Tom and Patti Wise, Viv Hardin and Lowell Johnson. Photos of Madonna of the Trail in Wheeling WV. A little explanation of the National Pike and the mile markers from Hwy 40. More pics to come.
  14. End of leg 2. Mike Riddelle “Dirtybubble” joined us for dinner. Along with the original 6 leg 2 riders (posted earlier).
  15. Leg 2 stopped by Flight 93 Memorial. Outstanding! Everyone needs to see this! A calm field one day, a memorial for ever.
  16. These are toll booths pre date the Victory Highway. Possibly known as National Pike. This is from leg 2.
  17. Leg 2, 6 riders, Gene Hunt, Jim Kosher, Tom & Patti Wise, Viv Hardin and Lowell Johnson. keep the questions coming, difficult to remember you all don’t know what we have seen. Gene is a fantastic leg captain.
  18. Lowell and Gene along with some of the 26 + cannons at Fort MCHenry MD. Saturday Leg1 6-22-19
  19. I made a reservation for July 4, at Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf Hotel on 3-14. Room rate as suggested above. Received a confirmation # by text and email. I thought all was good. Yesterday, 5-6-19, I received a text from the hotel indicating my reservation had been cancelled. I did not request the cancellation. I was told that someone cancelled my reservation on line. I have the name, that I will disclose if anyone has any suggestions as to what may have happened. So, I made another reservation. We will see what happens with this one. Hope this is just a fluke and no one else has this trouble.
  20. Lowell and I are going on The Big Loop with Paul & Tina S. and you and are working on booking rooms now.
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