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  1. Great great pics and people! Looooooove that overnight at the lake - what a place to live! Stay cool and safe folks!
  2. Welcome back Steve! Enjoy that CC and be safe!
  3. Awesome pics Viv! That sucks about your phone - I'm so glad you have a good group riding with you - stay safe, try to stay cool and definitely hydrated! Keep the pics coming!
  4. Awesome photos - thanks for calling out on the cannonball Viv! That's amazing! Man, I do wish I were with you all - except for that southern heat - nooooooo thank you! You all have my utmost respect. Keep it moving and be safe!
  5. You guys certainly had a terrific trip! I loved seeing all the pics of places you managed to stop and check out - and I'm ashamed that as a West Virginia woman I have never seen the Madonna of the Mountains statue! And I grew up outside of Weirton, not too far from Wheeling in the upper panhandle! Shame on me. One more thing to offer - particularly to Vivian Hardin - I didn't know you had planned to ride the whole trip - YOU GO GIRL!
  6. Aww man! You got rid of that old crusty thing we used? LMAO Just kidding Gene - looks awesome!
  7. "Here is a primitive country" - love it!
  8. LMAO - Think I've got some Daytona hangover going on! I just signed up one of our sons for the VMC (he inherited one of Arnold's bikes -the V92) and didn't realize when I posted that I was still on his page! Soooooo - yes folks, it's really me saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  9. Interesting - can you tell who posted it Mark? Perhaps someone wanted to make it known and neglected to note it's a VMC event?
  10. And here's a few more! IMG_5445.HEIC IMG_5454.HEIC IMG_5459.HEIC IMG_5462.HEIC
  11. Kudos to the Granite State folks! They threw a terrific Northeast Regional Rally and we had a great great time! Good weather, good people, good road, good food, good beer.....I could go on but maybe these pics will give you an idea! Thanks again Granite State! IMG_5150.HEIC IMG_5202.HEIC IMG_5204.HEIC IMG_5207.HEIC IMG_5381.HEIC IMG_5445.HEIC IMG_5448.HEIC IMG_5449.HEIC IMG_5450.HEIC IMG_5452.HEIC IMG_5454.HEIC IMG_5459.HEIC IMG_5462.HEIC
  12. Oh we definitely had a great time - as we always do! Our VMC National Meet is a great way to stay in touch with friends and see areas of the country we normally wouldn't think of. Kudos to everyone in the Wolverines that worked on this event - it was indeed exceptional and a helluva lot of fun! So.... here are some of Arnold (xcbubba) and my pics of our trip across the top of the lakes through Canada, accompanied by Mike and Terry Feltman, Wayne Geer (our token Harley friend LOL) and Mike Kaczinski with Tracy Asti followed by pics from the event and a few others. Thanks again and great job everyone!
  13. Gene - you are amazing! I don't believe I've ever run into someone so dedicated and committed. This years V2V was, again because of your commitment, terrific! I applaud you and all the other participants!
  14. Gene - thank you for heading up this tremendous cross country rally! It's been a pleasure seeing all the smiling faces and wonderful sites across our great land. Happy Independence Day!
  15. It's always a thrill to watch the progress from coast to coast each year. This is the first time since 2011 that we haven't been part of this amazing event so being able to monitor is even more special. And I'm tickled to see the "jar of sand" is back! Ride on V2Vers!
  16. All I can say is WOW! I think we should have planned some extra days in Michigan to check out all of these great rides! It's going to be hard to choose!
  17. Let's see if I can add some pics from our event - great job Gene!
  18. What a great day today! Gene Hunt, you are one helluva ride organizer! This was our first ever trip to Daytona Bike Week and it was a memorable one. If we go back it will be ONLY for the VMC Events and Gene's rides.. I've got pics too so more later!
  19. I believe that Arnold and I will be taking part in your ride on Friday Gene.
  20. This is where we are going to get competing events - those organized by the VOG on Facebook, and the VMC here - we need to figure out how to work WITH each other and not against. I am looking forward to seeing you all at Daytona. Arnold and I plan to be there March 14 and through the weekend.
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