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  1. Shaaadup! "Ozards" is what happens when a "retard" like me gets behind a keyboard!
  2. May 16-18. Info on the attached flyer (Thanks PirateMike!) Can't wait!
  3. Praying all of you. I know firsthand how nasty it can be. Hit me up on the wedges when life is normal again...no rush...it's just bike parts. Take care of yourself and them girls. Danno
  4. Mercripmus bro. Hope you and fam have a great one!
  5. Didn't win anything...but ended up with Cams, VMC3, Intake, and tune on the X bike...and then a windshield...and then some chrome goodies. So I guess I did win something...big grins on the ride home and Ramen noodles for dinner for the next couple months!
  6. I had the "non pointed" one installed at the VMC meet on my XCT. Loving it so far....never quite got used to looking "through" the stock XCT windshield. At 5'10", I can feel the wind on my face again, but if I duck my head down ~6 inches I'm out of the wind (or rain) and still looking just over the shield.
  7. My boss offered up his enclosed trailer for the group riding out of OKC today after seeing the forcast for Issac. Told him no way! Although we may get a little damp on the way down, trailering down would mean we would miss the ride through Talahina on the way back. I don't mind the liquid sunshine, and as posted above, this part of the country needs all we can get!
  8. Just booked my room today...so unless I got the last one there are still rooms left.
  9. Awesome news Will! Anything worth having your going to have to fight for every now and then. That just made my day reading that!
  10. The last three you posted...any one of those is full of win...especially winged V
  11. I gots these and a few more in high res if ya want me to email them to ya.
  12. Yep, installed pics are in the product review forum. But here is a few more....
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