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  1. just got "clearance" from the tower (Mrs 2 shoes) and so now I can start planning my trip
  2. Since my brother lives in Council Bluffs, I'm planning on riding either with folks or by myself and then I'll ride on to his place for a couple of days before I turn around for home. Hopefully some will ride out there with me.
  3. I'm planning to be there and hoping some Michigan Folks join me
  4. it is posted in another thread Bike Raffle winner.
  5. The winner of the Victory High Ball is Mark Kirkpatrick from Michigan. He wasn't at the rally but will be picking it up from Lakeside Power Sports in Mecosta Michigan. Thank you Jeff Verstraate for your generous donation and to Lakeside for doing all the necessary sprucing up to make it even nicer. The Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) will be getting the money for their work with Special Olympics.
  6. These are some pics I harvested from others.... Please post yours to add to this great album.
  7. Here are some selected pics I've gleaned from social media
  8. It was awesome and Rich was the lucky winner is Rich
  9. these flags are great. Yes, yes, YES, bring them along to help mark off your space.
  10. we will be auctioning off a two night stay at Shanty Creek resort, with golf and cart.... bring your $. https://www.shantycreek.com/
  11. Proceeds go to our charity. All hand made w/o a template. Better bring some cash, this is amazing.
  12. The first two are the 3 Lakes and a water fall (there and back). The next one is the Mini-Iron butt ride. The fourth pic is the Tunnel of Trees Ride, and the final one is the Sunrise side ride. We present them here so that you can do these as self guided rides if you would rather explore on your own.
  13. Here is a pretty close to final draft of the schedule for the rally.
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