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  1. just got "clearance" from the tower (Mrs 2 shoes) and so now I can start planning my trip
  2. Since my brother lives in Council Bluffs, I'm planning on riding either with folks or by myself and then I'll ride on to his place for a couple of days before I turn around for home. Hopefully some will ride out there with me.
  3. I'm planning to be there and hoping some Michigan Folks join me
  4. it is posted in another thread Bike Raffle winner.
  5. The winner of the Victory High Ball is Mark Kirkpatrick from Michigan. He wasn't at the rally but will be picking it up from Lakeside Power Sports in Mecosta Michigan. Thank you Jeff Verstraate for your generous donation and to Lakeside for doing all the necessary sprucing up to make it even nicer. The Law Enforcement Torch Run (LETR) will be getting the money for their work with Special Olympics.
  6. These are some pics I harvested from others.... Please post yours to add to this great album.
  7. Here are some selected pics I've gleaned from social media
  8. It was awesome and Rich was the lucky winner is Rich
  9. these flags are great. Yes, yes, YES, bring them along to help mark off your space.
  10. we will be auctioning off a two night stay at Shanty Creek resort, with golf and cart.... bring your $. https://www.shantycreek.com/
  11. Proceeds go to our charity. All hand made w/o a template. Better bring some cash, this is amazing.
  12. The first two are the 3 Lakes and a water fall (there and back). The next one is the Mini-Iron butt ride. The fourth pic is the Tunnel of Trees Ride, and the final one is the Sunrise side ride. We present them here so that you can do these as self guided rides if you would rather explore on your own.
  13. Here is a pretty close to final draft of the schedule for the rally.
  14. Hello All, It is a first come first served on the rides. We took off the Sleeping Bear Dunes ride as a sponsored ride because we already had two long rides. But I'm hoping that we will do this one informally on Friday. If you are interested see me for more details when you get here. Some of the rides repeat. So for instance, if you want to do the Tunnel of Trees ride (A Michigan Classic), you can do that on either Friday or Saturday to free up the other day for a different ride. All the rides are great. Some are long (Tahquamenon Falls and M-22 Mini-Iron butt ride) but you will see some awesome scenery. Some are medium rides (Oqueoc Falls, Sunrise Side, etc) but they will take you through Pure Michigan Woods and Waters. Finally some are short (Woodland Mystery, Mackinac City tour) and meant to be easy going and giving you a taste of Northern Michigan without wearing you out. But if you want to get a small group and head out on your own, just ask me or any Michigan VMC member and we will map out some great rides to get you where you want to go, tell you the Must-See spots, and suggest some good eateries along the way.
  15. The Winners of the two 2-night free hotel stays at the National Rally are: 1st Winner: Max Odell 2nd Winner: Rhonda Drew If you know these folks please pass this along to them. The hotel has their names and will be ready to credit their accounts. You can watch the live drawing at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WSVRCP/?multi_permalinks=10156500036053684&notif_id=1531164046644047&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic Have a great day and see you less than two weeks.
  16. This will be great getting your old friends together. I a great place in the shade for y'all and I hope to be able to spend some time there to hear the truth about Kozy and all of his crazy exploits. Hopefully I'll be good enough for a wee sip of the adult beverages too. Looking forward to seeing y'all in two weeks.
  17. Here is some info. He grew up in my area and is a home town sports hero. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Zettel
  18. Bring some extra money to the national rally. We have a great selection of wonderful items at our silent auction including: Signed Detroit Lions Anthony Zettel jersey Various Victory Items (handmade quilt, wine glasses, yeti-like glasses, decorative lights, etc) Wine packages Commemorative Medals and other things you will only get at this rally.
  19. Hello all, Here is a revised list of rides... we had to make some changes based on cost of the ride and other factors. See attached.... let me know if you have questions 2018 VMC Ride Schedule for web.pdf
  20. Hey Newbie.... welcome to the world of VMC rallies... You will love them. At our meets there are no signups for rides. There will be designated staging areas for the rides. Ask event staff for the location of staging for the ride you want and then get there early so you will have your spot and listen to the ride leaders instructions (and follow them) and have a nice safe ride. This allows people to change their minds at the last minute, but you should have an idea of the rides you want to do so that you can plan, but if you change your mind at the last minute that is okay too.
  21. Hello Sonic and Daffy, You are welcome to bring a few things to sell. I know there will be a couple of people bringing Vic's to sell. However, know that you are responsible for all of your stuff and no one will be watching it while you are out riding. This is not a swap meet so don't bring tables of parts to sell. Right now there is no designated area for selling as the only designated area is for approved vendors.
  22. The attached dealer displays will be at Northern Thunder as decorations. We are thinking of auctioning them off. We are posting them here to gauge interest.
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