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  1. I have just finished the ride schedule and it should be posted soon. Peddler is correct. The quick and dirty is that some people will be drifting in on Wed. This is set-up day and if you show up then, be prepared to help with set up and decorations. Thursday will be self-guided rides, but the Michigan folks might be doing some informal rides for meals and other fun. So you will probably be able to tag along on some of these. The guided rides will be on Friday and Saturday. Each day has several options to choose from. Each day there will be one all-day ride, a couple of rides the last 4-6 hours, and a couple of ride that are short and sweet. Rally goers can choose which one to go on or go off on their own. The hard part is how to choose one from the five options you have each day. Good luck.
  2. Certainly bring your club banners. Ours will be posted so yours can be too....no matter what Dirtybubble says... LOL..
  3. I hope you are all planning on coming to the national meet in July in Grayling, Michigan. We are hoping to hang flags from all 50 states and as many countries as possible in the monster huge event tent. So if you are the first person from your state/country to bring a flag when registering you will get a prize. Let show our state and national pride and bring those flags. See you in 3 months!
  4. Looking for some Victory Decor. There will be four of these custom crafted light blocks sold during the national rally. All four are different. Nicholas Holton Rally Chair President, Northern Michigan Victory Riders
  5. Bushog, The big set up happens on Wednesday with the tent, decorations, etc happening them. Thursday is the first day for registration and self guided rides and the first guided rides are on Friday. There will be people starting to come in on Wed but registration happens on Thursday. Plan accordingly.
  6. Kozy and I have been discussing this since we first landed the national for Michigan. He is going to do a bang up job on this and I will make sure he has a dedicated space and recognition for the early members, I"m so happy he is taking the lead on this. Thanks again Kozy
  7. There are still plenty of rooms remember you must phone the hotel direct to reserve accommodations and let them know you’re with the Victory Motorcycle Club. Also, if you are interested in the Tunnel of Trees ride, that will be a guided ride during the event. This is a wonderful trip and a must see if you are Northern Michigan on a bike.
  8. Hello everyone. I want to thank the Events committee and the BOD for selecting the Great Lakes Proposal. Our team put on a great regional meet last year and we are looking forward to having the rest of the nation joining us in July 2018 in the great state of Michigan. Stay tuned as we roll out the details including hotels and registration coming soon.
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