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  1. If you are staying at my place at Wilson, I've got a complete set of hand tools and a large garage area.
  2. If it makes a GPX file and saves it, you should be able to go to the bottom of your message (when you reply) and choose it. Of the 2 files I've posted, according to Rever, one draws the line to follow and the other also has turn by turn instructions. I've got a Garmin Nuvi and was able to attach it to the computer where I had made and saved the route in Rever and copy it to the Nuvi and see the route. Any one else had success or failure with the files I've shared?
  3. Here are a couple of GPX files for the trip. try them in your free time! Wilson to Fort Morgan track.gpx Wilson to Fort Morgan.gpx
  4. Here is the menu for the Mav in Fort Morgan: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1?ui=2&ik=1d87df1d48&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1733748843640245039&th=180f836332ebcb2f&view=att&disp=inline Here is the menu for lunch at McCook: https://loopbrewingcompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/LoopBrewingCo-Dec-2021-Menu.pdf
  5. psimpson



    Starts Friday, who's coming?
  6. As of now, I'm full, might have room for a single on an air mattress.
  7. As of now, I'm full, might have room for a single on an air mattress.
  8. As of now we are almost out of rooms for couples. Still have one empty bed for a single
  9. We can put you in a seperate room in the bunkhouse, How many legs are you riding?
  10. As of now I've got 4 couples in the basement, still have plenty of beds in the bunkhouse
  11. As of now, I've got 2 couples and a single, PM me if you need a bed in Wilson
  12. Here is a link to Rever with the route we will take, will stop North of Lebanon at the center of the United States. lunch probably McCook or Benkleman. https://go.rever.co/KT7wc3wGhpb
  13. She hasn't yet, I just let her know about those 2 hotels, they are the same ones we've been using for the last few years
  14. I've booked rooms at Fort Morgan and Craig already!
  15. psimpson



    We're booked for 3 nights
  16. Yep, when you've driven the same road for 10 or 12 years, it's time very the trail a little. As Graham states, it's the fellowship at the stops that's the good part. As Johnny and Roger sing "We are one big ass family, under one big ass family tree"
  17. Here's my route, gonna take a look at Nebraska this year, still looking for a lunch stop. https://goo.gl/maps/mW8ejXNctzhT56Mw7
  18. I'm going to be the captain from Wilson West. Coordinating with the Palmer Divide guys on where we will meet. As always we've got plenty of beds at the place at the lake!
  19. psimpson



    anyone checked on room prices? I tried their phone but no answer
  20. Thats how we are going. There is a lot of interest n the museum, otherwise I would go east to Benkleman, maybe even to Culbertson and come down through Herndon but not this year.
  21. Right now we have 9 single guys staying in the bunkhouse. Have a brand new queen size blow up mattress in a seperate room and 8 beds so are set. PM me if you have questions
  22. psimpson

    VITO 2021

    The weather forcast has improved dramatically!! Now I only see a chance of storms on thursday and the next 3 days are good!
  23. I think I have room for all of you, but am full now. Have 4 couples in the basement of the house now and 10 single riders in the bunkhouse
  24. As of now I believe I have 3 couples and 3 single riders staying. So still plenty of room
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