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  1. I'm checking out motels in Dodge City.   Most are fairly close to the "old west" part of town. There's a nice casino but the Hampton Inn there is way over $100/night. I've been to Dodge for work and the Quality Inn is nice and reasonably priced.

    As far as Ottawa, there are some places close to Interstate. 

  2. John and I have decided to take a more southerly (Highway 50) route through Colorado and Kansas.  Dodge City will offer a new stop complete with gunfights,beer and whiskey.  If you want to know where steaks come from, and don't mind the smell, we can leave through a fairly large feedlot on the edge of town. Then Mullinville will offer a suprise along the road. As we travel east, we will go through the Flint Hills, another scenic drive.   Although John will still have me beat with the road from Durango, eventually getting to Canon City.



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  3. If it makes a GPX file and saves it, you should be able to go to the bottom of your  message (when you reply) and choose it.

    Of the 2 files I've posted, according to Rever, one draws the line to follow and the other also has turn by turn instructions.  I've got a Garmin Nuvi and was able to attach it to the computer where I had made and saved the route in Rever and copy it to the Nuvi and see the route.


    Any one else had success or failure with the files I've shared?

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