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  1. Vohn: Patch arrived last week and shirt showed up today. They both look great. I like this years design better than last years. Thanks a million. Atta BOY!! :appl
  2. Here is the Hotel info for the end of Leg 9: Comfort Suites 4755 Castleton Way, Castle Rock, CO, 80109, US Phone: (303) 814-9999
  3. Still 2 rooms at my place in Wilson. I plan on staying at Comfort Suites in Castle Rock. just down the road from the Fowl Line
  4. I'm going to captain this leg. As in prior years anyone coming from the East or wanting to come to Wilson can have a spot at my place at Lake Wilson. I have four bedrooms so first come first served. PM me for more details. We will cook something on the Traeger and have a nice evening.
  5. Anyone joining the this leg now would need the Midland as my place is full. It's easy to find in Wilson.
  6. this one shows it full screen : http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0E3HImrsEo0QqHhcBe9fFepZqlTWWuQF5
  7. there wasn't any sand in the backpack when I got it in Denver
  8. This is going to be a fun leg, will stay on 40 to Junction City then 57 south to hiway 4 then to Topeka. We plan on stopping at Gage Park where the Eagle is. We can go to the eagle at KU if we want. Probably lunch at Alta Vista or Eskridge
  9. I just replied to the PM from Lg Johnson and after he takes a room will have 1 left. First come first served. Otherwise the Midland in Wilson I'm at VITO so will be riding most all day this weekend!
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