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  1. This event is now in facebook
  2. I called the Elephant and unfortunately they are closed on Sundays. If we stop at St Francis we may stop and eat sooner or maybe have a small reroute. Thanks for the eagle eye Graham
  3. Welcome to all who are riding east from Fort Morgan. I'm looking for interest in stopping here: https://stfrancismotorcyclemuseum.org/home We stopped in 2019 and it's a great way to spend an hour. If everyone has seen this I will take a different route to the North along the Republican River on Highway 34. Either way we will stop at the Elephant in Hoxie for lunch: https://theelephantbistrobar.com/ Our place at Lake Wilson consists of 2 structures, the house has 4 separate bedrooms in the basement and has plenty of room. The bunkhouse has 2 bedrooms 1 consisting of 1 queen, 1 twin and 2 full size beds. the other has 2 queen and 2 twins. Nice big shower with enough room for 2 at a time if you want to save water! If you plan to make this leg or are coming from KC to ride the next one, please contact me about arrangements.
  4. Here's the website for the Travelers, https://www.travelers-lodge.com/ When you call, you will talk to Jonathan. a great guy. Very accomodating people. nice fire pit and next door to many eating establishments and beverage sales. Looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces this year!
  5. Travelers in Eureka Springs Arkansas 479-363-6863
  6. nothing much in Flagler except a diner with pink Cadillacs sitting around it
  7. Man we had a ton of fun, met old friends, made new ones, but the roads there are amazing. Snake, Back of the Dragon, Roan Mountain, Mitchell, appreciated being able to download the files into Rever and go ride.
  8. IMG_0441.MOV IMG_0440.MOV Old Friends, New Friends, Wonderful group, loved having you in our home!!!!! On The Road Again. Ride Safe IMG_0441.MOV IMG_0440.MOV
  9. This is Viv on Paul's computer. My phone cooked this afternoon. It was 104 on my bike. Fun! More to come after we cool down.
  10. As of 5/28 I have 4 couples and 8 singles staying at my house/bunkhouse. If you are riding with Lowell and aren't sure, please contact me at 785 623 1149 or Lowell. Lowell shared his roster and I know about the ones coming along with him. Everyone on his roster has a bed. Couples have their own room. However if you have any questions, contact me!!
  11. As of 5/28 I have 4 couples and 8 singles staying at the house. I believe I have reached out to everyone who is spending the night. If you are unsure, please contact me at 785 623 1149. As far as Fort Morgan goes, I'm staying at the Comfort Inn but know others are reserved at the Rodeway.
  12. for you guys coming from the West here is our meeting place.https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=rm#inbox/FMfcgxwCgVRJkmrsDgZBwMdcXWMNhksq There will be plenty of food, drink accomodations. Contact me if you have questions 7856231149
  13. Hear Ye Hear Ye: As in days of past we have opened up our place at Lake Wilson for Riders coming from the East. There are 4 separate bedrooms in one house and a bunkhouse that sleep 11. Lowell knows the way so no worries about finding the place and there will be good food and drink provided. Many of you have already stayed with us so it will be familiar.
  14. Is there an official "hotel" this year? I'm not really a CMI guy.
  15. As you noticed, we are taking a more northerly route this year: https://goo.gl/maps/2teb5R4HkBK2 the highlight of the trip will be a visit here: https://stfrancismotorcyclemuseum.org/ We plan on having dinner and baton switch at Mavericks. looks like a walk to the Hotel. As stated in the previous post there is a Rodeway adjoining the Comfort Inn. I haven't contacted them about blocking rooms because there usually is a small group riding the plains. 1409 Barlow Rd., Fort Morgan, CO, 80701, US Phone: (970) 867-9481. If you want more info contact me at 785-623-1149
  16. I tried the 800 # and got the same $142 price as I saw on line- the VMC discount saves $7
  17. Vohn: Patch arrived last week and shirt showed up today. They both look great. I like this years design better than last years. Thanks a million. Atta BOY!! :appl
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