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  1. I cut this out of Facebook:

    LEG Route Date 
    1 San Francisco/Santa Clara CA to Carson City/Reno NV 
    6/21/2016 230 miles
    2 Carson City/Reno NV to Ely NV 6/22/2016 320 miles
    3 Ely NV to Heber City UT 6/23/2016 275 miles
    4 Heber City UT to Craig CO 6/24/2016 260 miles
    5 Craig CO to Denver/Castle Rock CO 6/25/2016 230 miles
    6 Denver/Castle Rock CO to Russell KS 6/26/2016 350 miles
    7 Russell KS to Kansas City KS 6/27/2016 290 miles
    8 Kansas City KS to St.Louis MO 6/28/2016 293 miles
    9 St.Louis MO to Plainfield IN 6/29/2016 280 miles
    10 Plainfield IN to Zanesville OH 6/29/2016 260 miles--- this needs to be changed to 6/30
    11 Zanesville OH to Uniontown PA 7/1/2016 148 miles
    12 Uniontown PA to Frederick MD 7/2/2016 303 miles
    13 Frederick MD to Stroudsburg PA 7/3/2016 193 miles
    14 Stroudsburg PA to Chicopee MA 7/4/2016 215 miles

     I understand your confusion but when you look at the schedule the dates depict the destination not the departure. on the 25th, Nate,you and others will ride from Craig to Castle Rock so the room at Craig will be checked in on the 24th and Castle Rock on the 25th. Nate and I have been in contact deciding where the Castle Rock hotel will be. I will ride to Castle Rock from KS on the 25th, get a room,get the baton for leg 6, then ride east on the 26th

  2. I was looking at last years legs and realized we don't have the poll where folks can sign in so we get a head count of how many to expect. I'm going to check on a few (somewhat) interesting places in Ks to stop. Anyone who has been from Russell to KC, I'm open to suggestions. There's not much of anything west of Hays until Denver!



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