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  1. Is the backpack gonna hold enough to get people outfitted? Someone could send me some to refill it for the rest of the trip if you think its gonna run out.
  2. I hope it works, I have been fighting with mine for over a month, I can't seem to keep it from locking up. Although the last time I used it it behaved long enough to record a ride
  3. Kinda bums you out when you see your tracks wiped up!!
  4. Your right though now it starts at Ely and I saw the first leg a few days ago.
  5. If you go over to the left of the map and click on the pages you can see each days progress. When I got it at Littleton the only light on was the gps button. To get it to track you had to push the foot button for a few seconds and when it is tracking it had 3 lights blinking. I think that's why it wasn't tracking earlier
  6. Mic and Mike, I sent you a link with directions. Pam has my phone # so we should be set.
  7. Haven't had anyone ask about a room at my house yet, sure hope some shows up to get the baton. PM me if interested.
  8. Here is info for the Midland Railroad Motel http://www.midlandrailroadhotel.com/contact-us.html $78 for a queen room $86 for a King room (785) 658-2284 to reserve I am working on getting a better rate but haven't talked to manager as of yet, still have 4 rooms at the house as well.
  9. As I did last year, I have offered my place at Wilson for the night. Great view of the lake and as the folks who stayed last year will attest a cheaper alternative to the Midland in Wilson. Maybe there will be so many people wanting to ride across Kansas there won't be room and the overflow can go to the Midland. If you want a room just pm me.
  10. I'm in thanks for letting me know about the fuse on the cheaper rate!!
  11. I was there a couple weeks ago and tried NoNo's; cajun food real good but not cheap, All 3 places are real close as John says.
  12. There are others but here are the bikes at the house and us gassing up in Lucas before Rick peeled back east looking for the mufflers!!
  13. There are others but here are the bikes at the house and us gassing up in Lucas before Rick peeled back east looking for the mufflers!!
  14. Except for my bike giving up on me, yesterday was perfect. Everyone was ready to go at all the stops, waited for Randy to meet us while we ordered lunch; left Wakeeney an hour ahead of schedule so decided to make the route a little longer by going to Sharon Springs instead of staying on interstate. We were ready to leave Goodland at 2pm mountain time and had only 182 miles to go and 4 hours to do it. I fought the bike for half an hour then decided to throw in the towel. Tina and I were happy to have hosted the riders and shown them that Kansas is not all flat..
  15. As I posted elsewhere, Spot is gonna take a plane ride in a FEDEX box out to Carson City, I could send to ELY but figured "what if" it didn't get there in 1 day. I've tried for 2 years to do this and something keeps screwing up. Trailering the bike back from Goodland was kinda deja vu from last year but at least I wasn't looking in the mirror at a wrecked bike like last time. The problem seemed minor at first but was a full blown no-start/or keep running and I barely got to a motel. Sorry for not getting Spot in the backpack!!
  16. I still have spot. I had an electrical problem and had to bow out at Goodland KS. I got the backpack turned over to another rider going to Castle Rock but Spot was in the trunk and din't make the move. I will FEDEX it Monday to Carson City so it can make the rest of the trip.
  17. I decided to go another leg, just got the reservation made!!
  18. I will get a room for me in Castle Rock, thanks for the tip
  19. pm me your phone # and I will send a text when we stop for gas in Western Kansas There are several people riding east to Limon from Castle Rock/Colo Springs
  20. I just got news today we are picking up a Vision rider at Wakeeney where we are stopping for lunch
  21. Frank, I won't be in Kansas City but am happy you are going to Colorado with me, are you continuing west to Craig?
  22. Sorry you can't make it. See my PM so we can coordinate. I know Brent is staying at my place.
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