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  1. I will do it, I live in Hays just 40 miles west of Wilson
  2. Thanks for all the thoughts and concerns, will take some pics of me and the bike, right now my side is blacker than an aged steak!! I feel pretty good after a couple of oxycodines every 4 hours then it starts getting rough. I'm taking the bike in tomorrow for repairs. It sucks crashing a beautiful bike like a Ness XC but crashing anything sucks Thanks for taking the baton for me, if you have time, stop at Hays at the commerce parkway exit and I'll set you up with cold water, turn south and turn in at the red roof Paul
  3. I got a room at Castle Rock reserved, will see everyone then!!
  4. I booked last night, she acted like there still are several rooms available
  5. Will: I've got the trunk getting some custom paint(its a Cory Ness Bike) so will be a while before it's all together. I love the look though and can't wait to get it all together. Paul
  6. Here is a picture of the Eagle at Gage Park. We will be visiting it on our leg
  7. http://theplaygroundtrail.com/Playground/Victoy_Eagles.html some info about the eagles
  8. Took this out by Granby Co. a couple of weeks ago
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