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  1. I have 2 riders confirming a room and 2 "maybes" so am down to 2 rooms or maybe none!!
  2. We are supposed to meet at the Rockyard which I understand is close to the Days Inn at 6pm I will contact John when at Limon to let him know for sure on the timing. Limon is about an hour from Castle Rock.
  3. Days Inn & Suites Castle Rock, 4691 Castleton Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109, (303) 814-5825. I had one but cancelled when Dave invited me to his place. If you are coming to Wilson I still have a couple of rooms not spoken for. Paul
  4. Brent and others: As of now, I have room. I have one "maybe" right now and it looks like there will be a couple of riders joining us in Wakeeney. I'm not sure what the riders coming from KC are doing. What roads will will you be coming in from? I live in Hays and will be riding to Wilson on the 28th Be sure to vote at the top of this thread.
  5. there is the Midland Hotel in Wilson, historic rooms. I have a house across from Lake Wilson 4 bedrooms lots of room great view of the lake. Only 10 miles from Wilson. Some of the curviest roads in this part of Kanaas!!
  6. As of now all rooms are taken at my lake house in Wilson The guests are Brent, Ichi, MCImoneyman,and Gravelfinder with Hotwheels. Is anyone staying in Russell now? Then leaving on Saturday are everyone listed minus the moneyman.
  7. Wow what a deal, yesterday was one year since my accident and I had to bow out. Looks like we are going to meet after all.
  8. I have 2 riders confirming a room and 2 "maybes" so am down to 2 rooms or maybe none!!
  9. Its a long story but Russell is the place, i'm still going to be at Wilson that night and have maybe one room left at the moment. I've had 3 requests so know I have 1 left
  10. I contacted the Midland Railroad Hotel Their number is 785-658-2284 414 26th Wilson KS 67490 You cant miss it, Its a big limestone building. Posted Rates are $65(48)full bed 2 left $78(55)Queen $86(62)King Queen suite $108(78) King Suite $119(98) (only 1 available) Jacuzzi Suite $130 Mention V2V and get the rates shown behind the full rate. They have a Bar with a full menu and a billiard room.
  11. Ray: What time do you plan on arriving in Wilcon? Any other riders coming with that you know of? As I may have stated My house is only a few miles from Wilson and has a great view of the lake. Four guest rooms.
  12. The bruising was a lot worse a few days earlier but vanished the next week!!
  13. I need to apologize for crashing and making you guys fry across eastern Colorado and Kansas. Its been 4 weeks and with 5 broken ribs I am getting better but it's going to be quite a while longer before I'm up to full speed. The bike wasn't quite totaled and has parts coming. I was almost out of the north end of Yellowstone and going around a curve and the road ahead was covered with gravel and rocks. Wiped out doing about 45.
  14. As I write this we are trailering the bike home. The crash happened Wednesday night and I suffered five broken ribs and a bunch of bruising on my left side. From the way the helmet coat and chaps look it is good that I was wearing them. My son and girlfriend arrived at the hospital in Livingston early Thursday and my wife and daughter flew to Cody where I had a work pickup parked. They drove to the hospital and after I was released Friday we went to Belgrade Mt and bought a trailer. The we drove to Gardiner and picked up the bike. We made Cody around 10 pm. Yesterday got us to Cheyenne and today will make it home. Thanks to everyone for their concerns, I'm doing better everyday but broke ribs take a while to heal!!
  15. I deeply regret to infom everyone that I won't be able to make the ride from castle rock to Wilson . 2 days ago in the north part of yellowstone, I hit a bunch of debris in the road and went down . One night in ICU at least one moe day in the hospital in Livingston Montana. Sorry for the late notice
  16. I plan on I-70 to Colby and then getting on 24 to Webster lake, theres a nice road going across the dam that connects to K18 which will take us to Paradise then Lucas.(home of the Garden of Eden). Will take K232 and go around Wilson lake and on to Wilson. If theres plenty of time one can ride around the lake on some great roads and end up at Dorrance and take 40 to Wilson. That stretch of 40 from Limon to Oakley is some of the most desolate road I've been on, I want to get Eastern Colorado/Western Kansas behind me as soon as possible!!
  17. Hey I need some company, Lets talk it over in Castle Rock but we can get depart interstate at Colby and take 24 to Kansas 18 and take it to some nice twisty roads around Lake Wilson. It's less than 400 miles and I have a house above the lake that has a nice view of the water and some great sunsets. Also have several varieties of microbrews if anyones interested!! Come on aboard!!
  18. As we speak, there is construction on on I70 around Wilson and the Wilson exit is closed westbound, I don't know if it will be open by V2V but will let anyone coming how to deal with it. I am calling now to make a reservation in Castle Rock. looks like 364 miles from there to Wilson. 58 of it 2 lane and the rest I 70. I suppose one could leave Limon and go through Cheyenne Wells but the 2 lane is just as desolate as I 70 so really no point. If someone decides to join me, theres a great road starting at the Dorrance exit that goes around Lake Wilson.
  19. I will do it, I live in Hays just 40 miles west of Wilson
  20. Thanks for all the thoughts and concerns, will take some pics of me and the bike, right now my side is blacker than an aged steak!! I feel pretty good after a couple of oxycodines every 4 hours then it starts getting rough. I'm taking the bike in tomorrow for repairs. It sucks crashing a beautiful bike like a Ness XC but crashing anything sucks Thanks for taking the baton for me, if you have time, stop at Hays at the commerce parkway exit and I'll set you up with cold water, turn south and turn in at the red roof Paul
  21. I got a room at Castle Rock reserved, will see everyone then!!
  22. I booked last night, she acted like there still are several rooms available
  23. Will: I've got the trunk getting some custom paint(its a Cory Ness Bike) so will be a while before it's all together. I love the look though and can't wait to get it all together. Paul
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