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  1. Just signed up!!!! looking forward to it
  2. I'm going to make the trip from Vancouver BC to the National Meet. Anyone interested in joining me along the way here is my agenda so far. Aug 26- Leave Vancouver BC - Missoula MT - 600 miles Aug 27- Missoula MT - Rappid City SD - 667 miles Aug 28- Rappid City SD - Spirt Lake IA (may try to do plant tour that day. This will be a short day as it's my birthday and I may want to consume a beverage of three) 435 miles Aug 29- Spirt Lake IA - Joplin MO 540 miles Aug 30- Joplin MO - Hot Springs (this should be a short day day about 5 hrs so arriving early afternoon) 275 miles Tota
  3. signed up and paid....can't wait!!!!!!!!! 2500 mile one way
  4. I just booked my room, still many rooms available.
  5. Is anyone going to make the trip this year from the West Coast? I was going trailer out of the snow area and ride from better weather. Not knowing my USA geography or the weather that well i need some help. Can someone recommend a starting point for the ride. I will be leaving from the NW (Seattle) in the first week of March. Thanks Greg
  6. Does anyone still have rooms available at the resort? I have a room at the Hampton Inn but would love to be at the resort.
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