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  1. Congrats Chris on the new addition!!! I won't be able to make this year's event but I'm actually riding to Gettysburg on the same day that you're heading to Uniontown. Where is this lunch stop??? And what time are you thinking that you'll arrive??? I'm hoping to meet up with the group there. Please let me know where and when. Thanks, Dan
  2. I will be there for dinner also, if all goes well. Everybody ride safe and see you in Annapolis. Dan
  3. Great pics Max!!! It was great meeting everybody in Dover and glad that you guys had a safe trip. I'm hoping to see you all next year as I'm gonna try to ride the first six legs. Ride safe, Dan
  4. Great pics George!!! Thanks again for the bridge toll. It was a treat meeting everyone on this leg and riding with them as well. A big thanks to Chesapeake Cycles for lunch and I enjoyed the time that I spent there. Everybody ride safe and I hope to see you next year. Dan
  5. Great leg Lt. Dann!!!! It was a nice route and I had a great time riding and hanging out with everyone. Everybody ride safe and I hope we can get together soon!!! Dan
  6. Great pics and a great job leg captain Rob and a BIG thanks to Motorsports of Dayton for lunch and discount on goodies!!! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everybody and riding with them as well. Everybody ride safe and I hope to do this all over again next year!!! Dan
  7. Just registered me and the wife, room is already booked, vacation turned in.... now come on May!!! Oh wait....my bike is still torn apart...come on powder coater!!!
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