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  1. Thanks for putting me right again Llama still thinking this will work as the day is a Sunday
  2. Hi all not sure if this is the right place to say this but i am organising with my fellow members here in New Zealand a ride and meet for the 4 July witch is a Sunday down here. i have been told by a person who should know about things (llama) that this is the day VMC got started and as down here in NZ we will be the first to see this day in the world i made this the date. Now as we are 3 inlands here this caused a bit off a problem so the meet part will be done by a phone link up with photo's of a well known land marks with our bikes and hopefully us in them and i will post up. There are not many of us YET down here so i think this is posable . I hope this is okay by all on here please let me know if i am wrong and i will try to work though it .As always stay safe and say upright😇. Thanks Kram😎
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