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  1. If you let more air in and more out, the mapping must be adjusted. I had the Lloydz air filter and the J&H exhaust system installed with the result of back fire. Then the Stage1 aufgespielt was already much better. Then bought the Power Vision CX and tuned the machine on the dyno. The experience after the tuning was terrific. I now have a completely different motorcycle. The tuner in Fürth can also do it without the PVCX. Time required approx. 4 to 5 hours.
  2. So I can take everything off quickly and can also load additional stuff. Phone via USB and the second camera also via the battery. One already made jokes because once 2 cables went to my Jake whether I fled from the ICU.
  3. You won't have many options if the dealer doesn't play ball. Buy a Maximus or Lloydz unit and use a pre-made mapping. There should be something for your configuration. It will be 100% better than the current situation. I have not heard of anyone having a leak. So far it has always been the inadequate interaction of intake, mapping and exhaust system. As I had written scon times in 2013 I installed the Lloyds air filter and the J&H exhaust system, after that it banged very violently at every throttle return. The Victory Stage 1 mapping made it much better. The Victory is tuned very lean. The Stage 1 cost then with play up 180€ last without play up about 250€. Lloydz or Maximus are better.
  4. I have a powerbank tied to the handlebars, with a velcro strap. With it I can film a whole weekend. 3 chips are then full but the powerbank not empty. I do not have a super large but a small powerbank in the dimensions. My Gopro is also attached to the handlebars.
  5. The best way to a clean run and as a bonus still decent performance
  6. I can say from personal experience a Lloyds air filter and an open exhaust system are counterproductive with the standard mapping. The Victory is already tuned very lean by the manufacturer. The original mapping can only readjust in a limited range. That's why you have the backfire all the time. If a lot of air comes in at the top and a lot goes out at the back without much backfire, it has to be adjusted in the middle. Minimum it is the Stage 1 mapping. With that you suddenly have a completely different motorcycle. You can also take the Power commander 5 with autotune. Or the other known kits from Lloyds or Maximus. There are enough mappings that you can test. I had my machine on the dynojet tester and played with PVCX the developed mapping on the ECU. Previously I had the Stage 1 on it and the difference was huge. Then I installed other camshafts and tuned again. The difference was not great.
  7. That sounds good, you have done everything that is your responsibility. Now it depends on the participants. It's a little weird when you can't hug friends. The meetings are a bit different and feel different, but they are still nice. I wish you a lot of fun and take care of yourself.
  8. In Germany we have our meetings. We stick to the distance rule. We stay outdoors as much as possible. In the hotel, we must also observe the rules. You have to see it from the point of view that the infections are on a very low level. On July 10th we had 395 newly infected people. Our meetings are therefore without high risk and are all a little smaller. 10 to 35 people When you meet, everyone should be intelligent enough to follow the corona rules The international meetings were all cancelled. The group would have been too big and many should not have come because of the travel restrictions. I had planned my vacation in Florida for September, we buried the plan on Friday. The risk is too big for us and we do not want to go into quarantine for 2 weeks after our return. Think about how to protect yourself and stay healthy. If you protect yourself, you protect many others from infection.
  9. If too much air is sucked in, the engine runs too lean. The control unit cannot readjust. With the original software, you have back fire all the time. With the Stage 1 software it gets better and you have more power. Better you buy a controller from Lloydz or Maximus.
  10. It can also be a damaged wiring harness. I had disassembled the seat once and during the assembly I didn't pay attention and crushed the wiring harness. When I braked, my high beam went on.
  11. Is the noise stationary or while driving? The brake has nothing to do with the engine. If it makes noise while driving, the brake pads may be worn out.
  12. I know Back Fire too. I had it after I installed the Lloydz air filter and an open exhaust. The fuel-air mixture was too lean. After I put the Stage 1 Mapping on it got better. Only when the bike was tuned on the test bench with the PVCX the back fire was completely gone. I would check if the engine gets enough fuel.
  13. Check with Scott. Conquest Customs https://shop.conquestcustoms.com/victory.aspx
  14. Friendship and fun this is Victory Club
  15. You want to do half things warm. The engines are so different. I saw myself on the test bench how different the cylinders ran. I can say from my own experience that a tuning on the test bench is the only right way.
  16. If I understand you correctly, you need new hardware. The software can be installed by a dealer or you can buy PVCX. Then you can replay a mapping
  17. You're right, but I'd be afraid to break something. But with a big pair of pliers it was very easy. Now I have much more feeling with the braking.
  18. I want to change the brake and gear knob, how do I get the old ones off. Is there any trick
  19. The Seal Ring from Suzuki GSXR 2006-2006 designation all Balls Racing 43x55x9,5 also suitable for the CR. The dimensions are identical and considerably cheaper.
  20. If you want to get to heaven fast, grease your brakes. If something must be lubricated then with copper paste. But only on the slideways and on the back of the pads.
  21. If only the brake pads are replaced, the pad must be roughened so that the brake pads can quickly adapt to the disc. The first 100 miles should not be braked too brutally.
  22. if you have the victory rubbers, it's not abnormal. You have 3 possibilities to change that. 1. change rubbers (I ride with Lyndall. Scott from Conquest Customs recommended it to me and he was right, the brake pads are great.) 2. grind a chamfer on the brake pads. 3. do not listen to it. https://shop.conquestcustoms.com/lrbgoldplusbrakepadsrear-1-2.aspx
  23. I was very unhappy with the original brake pads and tested some of them. The performance was better but the brake discs close quickly. Scott from Conquest Customs recommended the Lyndall brake pads. I have already changed the pads 3 times and brake discs are ok. The brake performance is as good in rain as in dry conditions and much better than the original brake pads. The brake dust is also missing. I don't manage 18.000 miles because I work a lot with the front brake, I change the brake pads every 20.000km. https://shop.conquestcustoms.com/lrbgoldplusbrakepadsfront-1.aspx
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