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  1. Second that! My wife cannot wait much longer! I know witchdoctor has one but I really want to see the quick release model you are building.
  2. Bob and I are up for 6am and probably will leave at that time.
  3. I'll leave at 5:30 or 6:00 to beat the heat. Sunrise sat is around 5:15am. Retired military and still get up at first light. If its cool with ride captain I can lead out an early group for people concerned about the heat.
  4. Would like to ride the 3rd leg fm ely to SL. What time on the 23rd is the group riding out? I stay at the hotel Nevada all the time and will book a room there. Do I need to register for this ride or just show up? Help please. Thanks
  5. Some of us from Snake River Victory Riders will be attending. We are riding out of Boise on the 4th.
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