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  1. Ok! Been a couple of days now I might send the enquiry via e-mail... Mags
  2. Ok went to buy some more brake pads and stuff from site but my witchdoctors registration doesn't work any more... I see you have to put in email addy and then password now. I cant see on the website where you re-register so I can log in? Can you direct me? Also... my details like shipping address et cetera will need to be re-done? Might be easier to just order off site without logging in... can that be done? Thx! Mags
  3. Jon, Done! I'll check any Vic riders for a deserving recipient! Great idea! Thank you, Sir! Pleasure doing business with ya! Mags
  4. In my order that arrived yesterday I received 4 kickstand rubbers and only ordered and was charged for 3. A few scenarios... I can send it thousands of miles back but would cost more than it is worth... No doubt I'll get more bling in future and I can add $12 then... Or freebie for Mags! Yay! I'm happy with 2 or 3, no worries mate! BTW thanks for beer holder! It will be put to good use! Mags
  5. Keep the candy for USA only please! Australian Customs may reject package if it has foodstuffs and they are not declared! I would have loved a candy to chew on while fitting parts! Hehe Mags
  6. Its pretty expensive to fly bikes out and back but also remember we ride on other side of road so bike may be a moot point. Can get deadly if you muck it up at first intersection. Our cars are right hand drive. You could always get a group buy flight and hire a bus/coach and travel round as a group? Two week stay... with Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) 50 mile away. Australia Zoo to see our funny animals about the same distance from Jason's. Lone Pine Koala sanctuary in our city... you can actually hold one! Jason, I'm in! I'll drive my hiace up and camp in it! I'll man a barbcue no worries! Mags
  7. Thx for the tip for any orders in the future! Mags
  8. Received my ordered goodies yesterday! Thank you for very prompt service! I start riding my Jackpot from next Tuesday so I can now fit the Lyndall brake pads on virtually virgin rotors and bed them in... Freight to Australia was very reasonable and all items arrived in perfect condition. Mags
  9. That explains the Rotella .... from the bike to the truck for 3000m then dump! Recycling at its best!! Wink I'd carry my bike in a truck anytime... especially if it meant a family type bike show! We have RVs type things here in Australia you tow behind vehicle... one brand has motorcycle storage in the rear and when you get there you remove bike, wall moves out to where bike was... and sleep in normal bed inside. How good would one of those be at a rally!!! Mags
  10. I have little experience buying online stuff from the USA... I was more a phone and order with Credit Card but I must move with the times!!! I want to order some stuff and would just like to confirm that it all fits the 2012 Jackpot? I'm after some brake pads that dont dust as much as standard pads so I thought I'd go for the Lyndall product. Numbers needed are... LRB Z-Plus 7175 front LRB Z-Plus 7176 rear Clutch arm cover ... CLU-JP Regulator cover chrome ... VRS-10 Starter cover polish ss ... SS-COV Emergency clutch cable ... sav-r-ride C101M If all codes correct and fits 2012... I just hop onto your site and order (follow bouncing ball) payment by paypal?? I also want to get delivery to our business as postman sometimes just leaves package outside house for all to see and possibly steal... just enter business address in " delivery address" i'd imagine? I only ask that as some ask for home address as well and package arrives there. Thx in advance! Looking forward to a dress up bits! Regards Mags
  11. He is doing a great job... looks cool!!! Hope he has photo blown up and on a wall near bike!!! I'd be proud of it!! Mags
  12. If this uploads ....??? Found it at KingPin Cruisers Dot net... may be subject to copyright but you may get permission to use??? Couldnt see a copyright C on picture... Mags
  13. If you ever experience fade due to brake fluid getting heat transfer as WD mentioned... I'd be renewing(changing) brake fliud! Once it has a boil from heat transfer its "boil temp" is lowered markedly... Mags
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