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  1. I hoped as much. I'm debating whether to try and meet up with the group before they leave Plainfield, or meeting it at the lunch stop. Leaning towards Plainfield.
  2. Is registration closed? I just got confirmation that I can have monday open to take part, but can't get eventzillia to allow me to register.
  3. Is registration closed? I can't get eventzilla to allow me to register for leg 6.
  4. Hey, I've been across that bridge on my bike!
  5. Lunch at Moonshine this year? https://www.facebook.com/themoonshinestore http://moonshine-run.com/Moonshine/Default.asp
  6. Leg 9 (apologies for the double post, Just found this thread)
  7. Do you have any stops planned between Collinsville, and Effingham where I could meet up with you?
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