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  1. All the hard work and worrying about how we could pull this meet off, and the charity work came to light last night. Seeing the gratitude and appreciation in those vets eyes was almost overwhelming. Their testimonials gave me such pleasure in knowing we picked a perfect cause! I encourage us all to continue efforts to help this project thrive. As we know how therapeutic riding is the counseling that goes along with this program is very innovative and helps vets breakthrough the struggles they deal with each day! Thank you all for your support! Chris Cooper
  2. Check this video out to see a few of the beautiful roads you will encounter by traveling to and participating in the 2016 National Meet!!! Copy the following to your web browser! http://www.allstateridernews.com/rideforawareness?cid=EMC-LB-IMC-AllstateRiderNews-150915:Customer
  3. Paul, Sorry you didn't make it to Castle Rock. Your room was ready, beer was chilling in the frig., and we even have a big bottle of Jack if you prefer! Maybe in two years we can try again! Our venture on west was pretty uneventful with the exception of some angry hail that fell from the heavens to torment us! Chris
  4. Ann, It was so nice to meet you in Craig! Dave and I are going to have to strategize to see if its even possible for us to get to Sturgis for this great ride! I wish you the best of luck with the meet and wish I was able to go! Ride safe! Chris :y:
  5. What a great trip and great conversation! All things considered the weather wasn't too bad, and Dave managed to get through the trip without hitting any deer! We look forward to doing this again next year Chris Cooper
  6. I heard you folks in Craig are pretty fun. I'm Dave's wife and look forward to heading west from Castle Rock! I just hope we have better luck than our trip last year from Castle Rock to Wilson, Kansas, although the hospitality in Wilson was wonderful! Happy trails! :y:
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