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  1. Arrival SF: Monday, June 21, 2021 Departure SF: Tuesday, June 22, 2021\ Arrival Carson City: Monday, June 22, 2021 correction - 6/22/2021 is a Tuesday Departure Carson City: Tuesday, June 23, 2021 correction - 6/23/2021 is a Wednesday
  2. <span class="fsl" data-testid="event-permalink-details">The Lost Coast Riders are welcoming members of the Victory Motorcycle Club for Leg 1 of the annual V2V Coast to Coast Ride, this year from Ocean Beach, San Francisco to Carson City, NV. </span> <span class="fsl" data-testid="event-permalink-details">Start time is 9am. </span> <span class="fsl" data-testid="event-permalink-details">The route is 101 north over the Golden Gate Bridge to HWY37 then to HWY12 thru the delta to Lodi then catch HWY88 over to Nevada. Rob, Tom and I, have put together a nice scenic route that we think everyone will enjoy. Iā€™ll be leading the group out of the City, with a brief stop at the Palace of Legion of Honor, to take the traditional photo at the Lincoln Highway Mile Marker. There will be a lunch stop and appropriate gas stops along the route (TBD). </span> Please see our Facebook page for more details.
  3. Just came from Gold Dust West Carson City reservation site - NO ROOMS AVAILABLE - is there an alternate location?
  4. VMC calendar has it starting on the 24th ????? registration has it starting on the 22nd ?????
  5. Came into this thread late. I wish to join the run from Carson City to SF. Where is the starting point in Carson City. I will plan on riding up there on the 3rd.
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