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  1. Wish I could make it this year. Had a great time last year. BC
  2. Remove head light. Reach inside. It takes a 10 mm socket. BC
  3. It was good to meet you mikeyvee. I was the guy working on my running lights you stopped and talked to. Did you pickup your new to you bike. You lucky son of a gun? BC
  4. This may or may not help. But here is a video the Vic Shop made and you might check the flasher relay they talk about in the video. It seems y'all have checked or replaced the other items. Good luck. Bob yxqbvkO5EO8
  5. Victory replaced mine at no cost to me. 2013 XC with 2650 miles on it at the time I found it. I have over 37 thousand on the bike now. I would be calling my dealer and have them fight for a new one. BC
  6. Thanks for taking the time to post some of your pictures. :tu :chpr Bob
  7. It was good to see you Craig. Marty and I enjoyed talking with you. I think the Ozark Swiss Inn is the place to stay. Bob
  8. The dealer finally got all the parts in to replace the cylinder head. Took the bike in Wednesday and picked it Friday afternoon. Took it out for a test ride before loading in the trailer. Rode it 50 miles round trip from the dealer with no sign of a leak. Loaded it up in the trailer for the 60 mile trip home. I want to thank T & T Power Sports of Sapulpa, OK for working to fix the problem. I saw the old head and you can see were the oil was coming throw the porous metal of fins on the right side of the head by the exhaust port. They are going to send the head to Victory so they can do some testing on it. :chpr
  9. Yes, I have a leak that showed up after 2752 miles. Drips off the rear cylinder and on to the case on the left side. The dealer called Victory and they told them to replace both head gaskets which they did but the leak showed up again after a 128 mile ride. The rear cylinder only. So they are going to put a new head on the rear. Still riding until the parts come in. I'm going to tell the service man about this thread and the other reported problems. :?
  10. I don't know about that year but I put one on my 2012 Vegas 8 Ball with stock handle bars. I found a youtube video that helped. This is the link. Hope this helps. :chpr
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