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  1. I may be able to make this but I won't know until the 2nd week of June.
  2. Just registered and paid for Jacqui and me. We'll be arriving on Wednesday the 2nd and heading home on the 7th. Staying at the Embassy with everyone! Looking forward to it!
  3. Is there anyone in the Denver area that I could park my bike in their garage for the week after the rally? I'm going to need to fly to Houston on Sunday right after the rally for a work training course. I'd fly back into DEN on Saturday the 13th and then start riding back to Nashville. Send me a PM
  4. I've got a room booked for my wife and me Aug 3-7. We'll get in a day early
  5. In Dodge City, KS tonight. I'll see ya'll tomorrow evening!
  6. My wife is flying in from Nashville arriving about 3:15pm. When does yours arrive, maybe I'll see you at the airport...I'll be the guy on the bike :ir Hopefully I'll see you Wed! Have a good ride out, I'm leaving in a few days.
  7. I'm set on storing the bike after the rally, a huge thank you to Graham! Two more questions: Anyone going to be in Fort Collins Wednesday the 3rd? The wifey and I arrive that evening. Wanted to see if anyone wants to grab dinner or do a tour. Also, I'm bringing some Nashvegas chapter small patches to trade if anyone is interested in doing patch trades. I think I have (3) extras left.
  8. On the Sunday the Meet ends, I've got to fly to Houston for training for work. Does anyone around the Denver area have a garage or secure parking that would let me store my bike at their house from Sunday morning until Saturday morning (Aug 13)? I've got a flight out from DEN at 1pm on 8/7, and fly back in on 8/13 around mid-day. I'll take a taxi to and from the airport so no worries there. Dave offered a garage 25mi south of Denver, but hoping there might be someone closer in. Thanks ya'll! -Bill
  9. We of the Nashvegas Chapter really appreciate you registering once and paying 4 extra times! :pty
  10. It may be that it doesn't like the Android devices. Looking on Paypal's website, it does seem they want you to have an account to send money....
  11. Matt, I haven't heard of anyone else having issues with the Paypal registration...
  12. 2219 Albert Pike Hot Springs, AR 71913
  13. I didn't take nearly as many photos as I wish I had now...
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