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  1. We are leaving Kansas City, heading towards Million Dollar Hwy. we will be arriving in Vegas on a Thursday. we have noting in stoneas of yet.
  2. Mark your calendars for Sep 9-12, 2021 for the 2021 VMC National meet hosted by the Sin City Victory Riders, Las Vegas, NV. More info to follow from the hosting club. Big congratulations to this club. A big thank to the other clubs and volunteers that have and will sure Victory, the ride never ends.
  3. Thank you Amanda. I know they are posting pics in FB.
  4. Oh that’s not true! I just got got home from the rally 2 hours ago.. 2178 mi from Kansas to TN. I know quite a few others that won’t post for a few more days cuz they are still riding. Hang on a bit for those pics. Here’s my few
  5. This is a great rally, I am so honored and grateful to be here. Many pics to follow I’m sure
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