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  1. Kram, please let us know how this turns out, Your gifts of time and generous hearts are none compared.So thankful for hat you’re doing.
  2. Reservations done. Registration check. Routes planned….pretty much. New tire for the Vision? Waiting….
  3. Today, July 4th, I am anxiously awaiting the final leg..
  4. Mark, can’t thank you enough for sharing these. We are riding the COlorado to Kansas City legs.
  5. We are leaving Kansas City, heading towards Million Dollar Hwy. we will be arriving in Vegas on a Thursday. we have noting in stoneas of yet.
  6. Mark your calendars for Sep 9-12, 2021 for the 2021 VMC National meet hosted by the Sin City Victory Riders, Las Vegas, NV. More info to follow from the hosting club. Big congratulations to this club. A big thank to the other clubs and volunteers that have and will sure Victory, the ride never ends.
  7. Thank you Amanda. I know they are posting pics in FB.
  8. Oh that’s not true! I just got got home from the rally 2 hours ago.. 2178 mi from Kansas to TN. I know quite a few others that won’t post for a few more days cuz they are still riding. Hang on a bit for those pics. Here’s my few
  9. This is a great rally, I am so honored and grateful to be here. Many pics to follow I’m sure
  10. Thank you for all your suggestions. Know any techs close to the Kansas City area..?
  11. I am not sure. I hit a pot hole today and the E squeak left. But after awhile the noise came back.
  12. I have 13 crossroads. I had it lowered 1 1/2 . Now I have developed an squeaky, creaky noise every bump, driveway. Can anyone help me solve this annoying noise.
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