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  1. Wife and I are registered and ready to go. She will not be able to ride down with me and will be flying down on the 9th. One of my PSVR chapter members is letting me borrow his pop up tent trailer to use on the way down (camping so much cheaper than a hotel). We are both excited about the meet, she has always wanted to visit Las Vegas (I'm more for the rides than gambling...lol). We are the only 2 Puget Sound Victory Riders that will be showing up. See ya!!
  2. I researched everything about it as well. I have a 2013 Cross Country Tour. My cruise control would come on, diagnostics, but, would not set. What I ended up doing was disconnecting the 2 connectors, located in front of the fuel tank on right side. Now, I can set the cruise control, BUT, you cannot disengage by backing off on the throttle, tapping on the brakes WILL disengage the cruise control.
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