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  1. How about 2018 National Meet in Spirit Lake? Just a thought. I'm all for taking back the AVR and having it like we used to. Got my support.
  2. You might want to do a fact check. The Zakim was built in 1997 The Ravenel was built in 2005. So who copied who? And Vohn, I'm not being negative, I'm goving ypu constructive criticism to help you. I think that a picture of a historic landmark that's been around for over 150 years wpuld look better than a 11 year old bridge for the National Meet logo artwork.
  3. Personally the info should be here on the VMC site well before posting on Facebook. We have members payong dues for an exclusive site and forum, and it is rather insulting slap in the face of the membership to post VMC events on Facebook instead of here on our site.
  4. I see there's a dealer dinner on Thursday and it says registration is closed. Does that mean if you didn't register for the dealer dinner your SOL? This is the first I heard of it.
  5. Don't blame you about Baltimore Gene. I don't have an issue with route changes as long as it provides safe riding. My issue is this whole "let's just ride on xxx day and sit on the baton here for a week" Looks like I'll be joining you on leg 13 and possibly leg 12 depending on work schedule.
  6. General rule, if it ain't broke don't fix it. The dates have been in place since the start. June 21st to July 4th. Baton pass prior to dinner at each end point for the day. What we need is folks to step up and ride the legs. When you have 3 to 4 people show up and have to ride 2 legs because no one else shows up, that becomes the issue. The other issue is lots of folks are "keyboard muscle" and say they'll show and are a no show. I for one will tell you face to face that if I say I'll do something I do it. That's what we really need, folks that don't just talk but do what they say
  7. Direct number for the hotel is 970-226-5200 Had a tough time understanding the spanish accent operator taking reservations, got the phone number for the hotel and now all booked Thursday thru Sunday morning.
  8. I'll be down there but from the 5th to the 8th
  9. Update.... Got the backpack Got the ride waivers Got the Spot Got the banner Waiting on Tshirts and Pins. Working until 11:30pm Saturday night, will be at the hotel around 7:30am Sunday morning. Tshirts will be $10 each, provided they arrive before Sunday morning. Don't forget the sand to toss in the backpack for the West Coast guys to dump out there in California.
  10. I had a call today from the Hampton Inn. This wasn't a bad call but not a good one either. Because it's 10 days out and no one had reserved a room yet, they are releasing the block of rooms. They will try to accommodate the VMC members if they call or show up for a room but there is no guarantee of a reduced rate.
  11. PM sent Gene. So far we have 0 reservations at the Hampton Inn in Chicopee, don't know about East Stroudsburg yet.
  12. Here's the list of stops for leg 1 of the V2V Start at the Hampton Inn in Chicopee, kickstands up at 8am Approximately 9am 1st stop Barkhamstead Dam, 14 Saville Dam Rd Barkhamstead CT Depart around 9:15am for 2nd stop which is Amenia Mart 5330 US 44 Amenia NY. Figure we'll get there arounx 10:15am, there is fuel so figure a 20 minute break here. Take off around 10:35am and ride to Hyde Park Brewing Company, 4076 Albany Post Rd Hyde Park NY. We'll arrive around 11:15-11:30am and have lunch. Figure we hit the road from here around 12:45pm, and ride to the Hawk's Nest Rt 97 Deerpark NY.
  13. Will be similar to the route 2 years ago, minus the stop at Zack's V Twin because they are closed Sundays. Working out the details.
  14. I can't wait for this ride. Anyhow, here's the info I have so far: Starting off at 8am from the Hampton Inn in Chicopee MA Ending Leg 1 at the Budget Inn in Stroudsburg PA Hotel Information: June 20th 2015 Hampton Inn 600 Memorial Drive Chicopee MA 413 593 1500 Event ID#301672 VMC Group Must Identify themselves as members of the Victory Motorcycle Club VMC group. They are offering us $134.00 plus tax (12.45% at this time) for the evening. Their regular rate is $159.00 plus tax. This is higher than last year by $7.00 but the rooms are decent and free breakfa
  15. Gene, talk to Arnold aka XC Bubba. He led the ride back from Annapolis to East Stroudsburg PA. I think the reasoning was we have dealer support at the half way point (Trumbauers) and the end (Chesapeake Cycle) Plus the folks wanted to go to a Crab Shack down in Annapolis for dinner, and the hotel was less than 1/4 mile from the dealership. Hope this helps.
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