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  1. On 11/11/2021 at 11:32 PM, Llama said:

    Thanks Kevin, no, I sent 4 x PMs here via the website.  She did reply to my first message saying she would gather the info, but heard nothing since.  I am sure, as she is our next Sec, she will be checking here regularly so I am sure she must just be too busy right now.
    It isn’t urgent as such, I was just trying to keep the Club history updated, especially whilst things are fresh in people’s minds, and I thought it was a straightforward question….how many members/non-members attended?

    Llama, I am curious, where are you posting things about the clubs history? Thanks

  2. Kevin, restarted bike and still making same noise like a vac leak in an older car. The bike runs for about 2 min then the check eng light will come on. Could it be because the oil is to cold and not moving how it should? If there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed by a dealer I would rather trailer it there now than wait until riding season, ya know what I mean!?




  3. I decided to start my 13 XCT yesterday since it was a nice 40 degrees out instead of the sub zeros we have been having here in Michigan, she started no problem. Once started the motor sounded funny to me, almost like an old steam engine when it would puff for air or a vaccum leak on an older car. I thought maybe it was because it was so cold out and let the bike run for about 3 minutes, I noticed the check engine light was on so I shut her off. Any ideas? Is it just because its cold and the computer doesn't like the cold weather? Oil to thick and not moving around? Any advice would be great.


    Thanks Goat

  4. Copperhead, those guys at Village are about the dumbest people in the industry and should not be a dealer! I bought my bike there as well and they didn't even properly prep my bike, I got home and looked everything over, about every nut and bolt was loose, no air in my shock, wrong psi in my tires, my dang handlebars were not even tight! I was pissed. I will no longer use them for anything other than my 15% off. I now use Smoking Joe's in Caldonia, Tim is a great mechanic!



  5. Interesting to see this thread. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my bike or not because it seemed that around the seem of the case and the chrome on the shift side of the motor oil was "leaking" upwards and out between the crack there. I figured it was steam and I just wipe it off. Anyone else have this happen? Is it maybe not tight?



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