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  1. we will be meeting at 9:00 am on the 30th at the comfort inn in castle rock colorado
  2. just a gentle reminder to please register for this leg so that we can ensure to be prepared with enough tshirts and food . Nate
  3. Paul i will be riding back and its actually an 8 hour ride. Ally and i did it from provo to my house in east denver in 8
  4. As discussed with Paul we will have the dinner at The Fowl line in castle rock colorado.
  5. For those of you planning to ride up to Craig from Denver on Friday afternoon we will be meeting at the conoco gas station in Morrison at 1 pm we will have Breakfast at the village inn the next day in Craig with Kickstands up at 9:30 with a light lunch in Empire. Gforce powersports will have a dinner for us at 4 they are going to do a spaghetti dinner. Be sure to thank them for it if you can. Thanks
  6. Where you are departing from will be up to Paul Simpson who is the leg captain for leg 6
  7. It has been brought to my attention that Hampton inn is no longer accepting reservations for one night stays. I recommend if you haven't already made your reservations to find a hotel near the Hampton in in fever and make it. Nate
  8. Alright guys I know the "hotel" situation has been back an forth but i swear this is the last time we change it and the Comfort inn changed the price on us and the will not give us the VMC discount. New hotel information Hampton Inn and Suites Denver Tech Center currently is $99 a night but as rooms get booked up it will get more expensive. also they have more options for those of you that want to bunk up. The phone number is 303-804-9900 and the address is 501 S ulster st, Denver, CO 80237
  9. Alright The hotel for the night of June 25th will be The Comfort Inn in Castle Rock, CO It is $110 per night The Phone Number is 303-814-9999 If you want to share a room with someone post it on this forum and somebody might want to split the bill on the hotel. We will meet at Gforce Powersports in Denver for Dinner around 4pm after Dinner we will ride to Castle Rock.
  10. So i only have 2 that need hotels right now so we cannot get a discount at this time. I recommend for $80 per night the motel 6 in wheatridge unless you are willing to spend about 60 more thats about as good as we can get for right now.
  11. Alright guys so Gforce powersports in Denver has graciously said they would throw us a dinner on saturday night. They will have just opened there Victory/ Indian Showroom. So I will be finding a hotel within about 10 miles of the dealership. Pm me if you will need a hotel room as i am going to try to find one that will give us a special rate. Let me know and i will see you guys out there.
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