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  1. R Bar, 310 3rd St, Waterloo NE
  2. Barleys Bar 114 W Broadway Council Bluffs
  3. Johnson Cycle, Fremont, NE.
  4. The meeting will be at Nebraska Brewing at 5 PM Shadow Lake Towne Center 7474 Towne Center Pkwy Papillion, Ne
  5. Thank you to the members of the AVR for their hard work and efforts on making this event such a success for those who attended. It was great seeing/meeting so many folks. The riding, accommodations, supper, socials, etc were all top-notch! Please extend my thanks to your membership for a job well done!!
  6. Famous Dave's, Bellevue, NE, starting at 5PM.
  7. RCVR members will meet at 18418 Badger Avenue, Crescent IA 51526 for the July meeting.
  8. WOW, what an event in the heartland. Right at 300 registered attendees with some last minute work. Hundreds more that weren't registered came to see the event, tour the grounds, buy from vendors, and set foot in The Vic Shop! Generous support for our charity, Wheels 4 Warriors, with our hope to present a veteran a motorcycle at next year's Rally.! Wonderful food, fellowship, riding, & weather. Great to have Vohn onsite to talk to the throng about the benefits of the VMC. Wonderful support from VMC Regional reps from the north, south, east, & west. Folks already asking about MWVR 2020 so stay tuned. Thank you especially to the members of the River Cities Victory Riders (RCVR) for carrying the load on pulling off this event. Also thanks to members of the CIVR for their help and support as well. Last but not least, thank you Rylan for opening up your location and for your financial support of this event!! So many people helped that we need to thank, sorry for anyone I missed, please know your efforts were appreciated by the hundreds who attended!
  9. Final registration numbers for the 2019 MWVR - 284! We know a number of people who didn't register will also be dropping in for the event. See breakdown from states/provinces below: IA 64 NE 41 IL 33 MN 31 MO 24 WI 15 SD 13 KS 13 IN 8 OK 6 MI 6 CO 6 ON-CA 4 TN 3 SC 3 SK-CA 2 OH 2 NM 2 UT 1 TX 1 PA 1 MD 1 ID 1 CT 1 CA 1 AZ 1
  10. Rally registration will end Sunday, June 2, 2019, at 6:00 PM CDT.
  11. Currently sitting at 276 registered. Many more have communicated that they will be dropping in on that day!
  12. Emails went out today to all registrants for this event. We are up to 272 registered for the event. Looking forward to a great VMC event in the heartland in a few weeks.
  13. Promo video for the upcoming 2019 MWVR. YouTube link is below: https://youtu.be/HWpJunYDHzE
  14. Registration Update 5/15/2019 - 266 total registrants. Folks from 23 U.S. states (got first from Connecticut) and 2 Canadian provinces! Breakdown by state/province: IA 62 NE 41 IL 29 MN 28 MO 24 WI 15 KS 13 SD 12 IN 8 OK 6 CO 6 MI 4 ON-CA 3 TN 2 SK-CA 2 NM 2 UT 1 TX 1 SC 1 PA 1 MD 1 ID 1 CT 1 CA 1 AZ 1
  15. Kent's Victory Basement Bar, Ashland, NE. We will also be going over topics and plans for the rally. We will serve Pizza and drinks. Let me know via FB or this forum if you plan on coming so we can order enough food. PM me for the address.
  16. MWVR Update - 258 registered for event. Twenty-two states and two Canadian provinces! Wow, going to be a great time in the heartland.
  17. At the end of Regular registration (4/27/19) we had 252 people registered for this VMC event!
  18. Regular registration ends Saturday at Midnight (CDT). We are currently sitting at 240+ folks registered for this event. Going to be a wonderful VMC event! www.midwestvictoryrally.com.
  19. Updated registration numbers are 231 as of last evening. We also added another vendor to the mix! Going to be a great VMC event in the heartland. www.midwestvictoryrally.com
  20. Updated numbers for the 2019 VMC Midwest Victory Rally in De Soto, IA after the past holiday weekend. 226 folks registered from 22 U.S. states and Canada! Regular Rally Registration ends April 27, 2019. www.midwestvictoryrally.com.
  21. Got folks from Canada and 21 states registered for this VMC event. We currently are at 215 registrants! Many vendors who support our badge. www.midwestvictoryrally.com to register or for more information.
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