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  1. This is just a wild idea since I can't see or measure it.

    Try taking a beer can and cut a strip the width of bearing and long enough to line hub. Try to press in the bearing, then just make sure that you torque axle nut to spec.

    This is a poor mans way to jury rig what you have, otherwise buy new parts. Good luck


  2. After the insult to flyover members good luck finding them willing to work that hard on a meet. Recent events have 2 of the largest and most active clubs in the middle upset, I wonder if they will even stay in club.

    I was one of the main two people that put on the Midwest Victory Rally, I did the hands on stuff while Kent did the computer stuff. You know he's out, and I have no desire to work that hard at making an event happen again.

    There are other clubs sure but not sure where they stand now either, kinda scary.

    I'm with Viv's thinking on this.

  3. On 3/14/2019 at 6:55 PM, sonicbluerider said:

    are they having used parts table area to sell unwanted victory partsa.they going to have a swap/ used parts table area to sell stuff ,!!!!

    I've been thinking about a swap meet table or area, but that means someone has to man it.

    Not sure if I have enough volunteers for all that's going on.

    Let's see how many people would like this to happen and I'll see what I can do. 

    O.K. Vic peeps start checking in and say your piece!

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