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  1. I am leading Leg 12. I will be on my Trike. Phil is in Iraq right now. Not sure if he will be home for the V2V.
  2. Good day Folk’s, My name is Rose AKA “Sweet Pea”. I am your Leg Captain for Leg 12 Ely, NV to Carson City, NV of this year’s V2V. Join us for the last Sunday's Ride of the V2V. We will be riding through some Valley’s and curving up and over a few mountains the desert has to offer. So, pack your saddle bags and join us on the V2V. Meet up with some of your old VMC family and/or meet new VMC family, get a T shirt, and ride with some of the greatest people you would ever want to meet on a motorcycle. (Of which you would be one)! You can now sign up for the 2022 V2V, it's active, it will take your money. and you need to sign up for the leg you want to ride! WHY???, because there is a lot of planning that needs to happen based on who signs up for each leg. Like YOU, you need to get your hotel booked for each nights stopped, NOW, sooner rather than later. Masks are "off" and people are traveling! The Leg Captain for the day of your ride, needs to have an idea of who is going to be riding that day, and if you're not signed up, and "things" happen like, changing the leave point, changing the route, etc., YOU won't be aware of any of it. Lunch stops need to be coordinated with the restaurants. Gas stops for 30 bikes are a whole different animal than a gas stops for 3 bikes. The ride time for the day can change dramatically based on the number of people attending. So, get your hotel booked, most rooms can be canceled (see booking info) if you're plan’s change. The event T shirts have to be ordered, and manufactured, these things all take time. Doesn’t happen spontaneously, do your part, get signed up, and get ready to enjoy your ride! To register here is the link. https://2022vmcv2v.eventzilla.net/web/event?eventid=2138583859&fbclid=IwAR0hM_1-HeQM4aurnWBhxT-cno1bmckW49GzBLkeeM1v3LGcN_0esUdETts Below is the link for the route of Leg 12. https://goo.gl/maps/LVkgW2NrsDFwVjfu7
  3. Can't wait to be back there again. Yes, the food at Nardi's is good. See everyone then.
  4. EVROYS, My name is Rose I will be leading Leg 12 that leaves Ely, NV to Carson City, NV. We are riding in a desert but it is at a higher elevation then Las Vegas. It will most likely be in the mid to hight 90's. Yes, the humidity is extremely low, so make sure you drink water. Also don't forget to use sun screen. With the low humidity and full sun, you can get sun burn very quickly. I can't wait to meet you for the ride. I will get the route posted here shortly. I hope this helps you out. If you have any questions, give me a shout out and I will get back with you. Rose
  5. I was able to get a confirmation on vendor tax ID. Since our event is small we do not need our vendors to get the Nevada’s Vendors Tax ID. I was calling around and was told to call another number, then another number and so on and so on. I’m happy to say we have our venders covered. See everyone soon.
  6. Absolutely it’s alright! We love to hangout with all our Victory brothers and sisters.
  7. Leg 4 morning start from Zermatt Utah Resort & Spa. Sorry for posting video last. IMG_9865.MOV
  8. As Drnoleak stated 300-400 is about right. But due to COVID things have changed. During the 2020 National Meet there was about 234 that showed up. There were cancelation due to Borders being closed and no overseas flight. We estimated that there will be about 300.
  9. Rockerchick913 and Husband, Bearcat and Wife, RonA and Wife I can't wait to meet/see everyone. See everyone soon. :-}
  10. Looking forward to meeting you and your wife. When you get her registered let us know so I can mark you both as members. We are trying to get the list right to help us get the goody bags filled correctly. Rose
  11. From my understanding from Jim Koshar if your spouse does not have her own VMC member number she will have to register as a non member. You can have her register as a new VMC member, wait for her to get her member number and then she can register as a member.
  12. There will be limited parking. No over night for those that are not staying at the hotel.
  13. Yes, we have reserved parking from Golden Nugget Las Vegas parking garage.
  14. That’s great! See you down the road. Yes, we have a hotel and we are working to get all the info on the website.
  15. UPDATE: Event Site and Registration Link HERE! Hi everyone! I’m Rose, and I am both the President of Sin City Victory Riders, Chapter 17 in Las Vegas, and the Event Chair for the 20th Annual VMC National Meet. We are very excited and honored to be afforded the opportunity to host this prestigious event, show off our beautiful city and surrounding areas, and show our Victory Family an Epic Time! In an effort to consolidate all questions and answers into one easy to find, search and reference location, we will be answering any 20th Annual National Meet in this thread alone. We will be posting in other forums with similar instructions linking here. As much as we want to put it all out right now, we have been advised to pursue a more methodical timetable. As such we expect the website to be up and operational in its first revision in 3 to 6 weeks. Q&A here after the website goes live will be much more responsive. Persons that will be officially responding to questions on behalf of the hosting chapter will be: Myself ? President “Sweet Pea” Danielle Vice President “mom3moos” Levi Secretary “theflashman” Phil Spokesman “PrometheusVII” In closing, I hope you guys are as exited to come out to Vegas as we are to be hosting it. We all look forward to seeing you when September rolls round!
  16. Happy 4 of July! We made it to San Francisco and enjoyed dinner at the Crab House. I made new friends on this year V2V and hope to see everyone again on another VMC ride soon. Here is a couple of photos from dinner. I made sure Tiger/Fish Witch was apart of dinner. I will post more later.
  17. Here is the route that I will be on. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fmaps%2FdzMV6aedD3ppjxZj6%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR26kFDsp0VlhumQZEE0g1Dz884XmW9gCww-0JDf0VBqs8QvPqZQGFNnmpc&h=AT3oI7Qbs22jnkxkImDDr87h-3Hhjn7ioNOXKPwgYcFFjuRb6YNktTIovJXDTKEG-VGXprFaX5HYJH7MX7m0xC6K92kTgFKlFV9ZTXc-xijTYklb2n_q5w6poNaeW_CkS0u7gC6wvQ
  18. Here is the route that I will be on. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fmaps%2Fj9kUncoXXhmUiLdCA%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR24kqQJGt4f2rokfVW3cClEaXsgxRWvocs8ADNw7r_M4zRSfVy1_TjQUuU&h=AT2MpOlPa6d90uF9b2ungBCB6GcPnrQD4KNt7Bz5YqxoLEWqHQPJhUqG7xI6RXl9kzkMeYkBQUyqrYOsw-jAcZhcpvsUy2PKi6EoafSUPHxJI_lGqjOKmKMx63OQTZzJU7KYPuRhZQ
  19. Dinner will be at the Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in the Gold Dust West Hotel & Casino.
  20. Hello all, I'm Rose Mandile. I will be your Road Captain for Leg 13 of the 20th Annual V2V. The leg begins at Carson Tahoe Hotel, 800 N. Carson Street, Carson City, NV The legs ends in San Francisco Hotel price are high and are going fast. Not able to block rooms since we have to guarantee 8 rooms. I will be staying at the Sheraton the address is. Sheraton 2500 Mason Street San Francisco, CA 415-362+5500 King price range from $263.00 - $396.00 2 Queens price range from $290.00 - $305.00 Parking $75.00 Dinner: Crab House 203 C Pier 39 San Francisco, CA Other hotel: Rodeway Inn & Suites 1234 Great Hwy San Francisco, Ca King Price range starting $224.49 2 Queens Price range starting $209.49
  21. Hello all, I'm Rose Mandile. I will be your Road Captain for Leg 12 of the 20th Annual V2V. The leg begins at Hotel Nevada 501 Aultman St, Ely, NV The legs ends at Carson Tahoe Hotel 800 N. Carson Street Carson City, NV 775-882-5535 10 room blocked till June 1,2019 for $79.99 for queen beds. Remember to let them know you are asking for the rooms blocked for Victory Motorcycle Club (VMC). Dinner will be at the Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in the Gold Dust West Hotel & Casino.
  22. This is a placeholder for information and updates from your Leg 12 Road Captain Rose.
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