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  1. I'd like to recommend ALL attendees get covid tested after getting home. Someone I know who is fully vaccinated returned from LV recently. He was asymptomatic but went for testing immediately upon his return as requested by his family. HE TESTED POSITIVE. He's in his early 40's. His doctor told him he probably would have died from covid had he not been vaccinated due to him having suffered congestive heart failure last year. His case is not uncommon. Stay safe y'all
  2. until

    FYI........just tried making room reservation at Holiday Inn Salem OR. No rooms available 22-25 JUL.
  3. Snowman808

    2021 V2V

    Annual event. 2021 rides west to east. Next year rides east to west.
  4. Please make change for me as well.....joining relay beginning with Leg 3, Ely, instead of Reno/Carson City, Leg 2, as registered. Thanks!
  5. Just booked my room online at Zermatt using provided link. Total price of $162.60 INCLUDED the $15 resort fee. Not an issue now but hopefully will not be charged at time of checkout.
  6. FYI....I'm a Choice Hotel member and Just booked a room at Comfort Suites Castle Rock for Leg 5 (check-in 6/26) using the Preferred Customer Savings Rate. Room rate came up at $118.15. Payment due at check-in and free cancellation if done NLT 6/25. AAA rate for 6/26 check-in was shown as $132. Check it out if you're going to Castle Rock.
  7. Just finished reading both 2018 national meet proposals and will say the Michigan proposal was very well done. Kudos to the Michigan team who put together their proposal.
  8. Based on the 2 possible sites so far, my vote is for Michigan. Never been to that area of the country yet so would have a good reason to ride out there and ride the great roads out that way. Closest I got was Chicago. MICHIGAN!!! :chpr
  9. Why east coast? Those of us out west have to drive (or fly) across the country for the event. How about something more centrally located so ALL members can consider attending? I guess no one to blame for the national always being held out east when none of the west organizations step up with a proposal to host. How about west one year, central the next and east after that. Continue the rotation from the 4th year. An organization I belonged to when I was a working stiff held an annual conference every year during the winter months. It moved the conference across the southern part of the country year after year (no one cares to be in Minnesota in February but FL, TX or CA is tolerable). Some years you may be able to drive to the conference but have to fly other years. The BOD can talk to the organizations in the different areas of the country to convince one of them to host the national. If moved like this annually, a particular section of the country will see an annual in their area every 4th year. Just my $.02.
  10. Of the 8 days of my V2V this year, I rode 7 of those days with Cleta. SHE IS A TROOPER!!! As it would be said the Hawaiian way.....Brah, da lady can handle! ed
  11. Just a friendly reminder..........high temperatures are on the agenda for Leg 12 so everyone HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! before, during and after the ride. Let's make this a safe ride for everyone! FYI.....if you have not yet and are considering on purchasing a water bottle, YETI and HYDROFLASK are two brands I own and can attest to their quality and ability to keep water cold over long periods. It's not the destination but the journey ed
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