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  1. I'd like to recommend ALL attendees get covid tested after getting home.  Someone I know who is fully vaccinated returned from LV recently.  He was asymptomatic but went for testing immediately upon his return as requested by his family.  HE TESTED POSITIVE.  He's in his early 40's.  His doctor told him he probably would have died from covid had he not been vaccinated due to him having suffered congestive heart failure last year.  His case is not uncommon.   

    Stay safe y'all

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  2. Why east coast? Those of us out west have to drive (or fly) across the country for the event. How about something more centrally located so ALL members can consider attending? I guess no one to blame for the national always being held out east when none of the west organizations step up with a proposal to host. How about west one year, central the next and east after that. Continue the rotation from the 4th year. An organization I belonged to when I was a working stiff held an annual conference every year during the winter months. It moved the conference across the southern part of the country year after year (no one cares to be in Minnesota in February but FL, TX or CA is tolerable). Some years you may be able to drive to the conference but have to fly other years. The BOD can talk to the organizations in the different areas of the country to convince one of them to host the national. If moved like this annually, a particular section of the country will see an annual in their area every 4th year. Just my $.02.



  3. Just a friendly reminder..........high temperatures are on the agenda for Leg 12 so everyone HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! before, during and after the ride. Let's make this a safe ride for everyone! FYI.....if you have not yet and are considering on purchasing a water bottle, YETI and HYDROFLASK are two brands I own and can attest to their quality and ability to keep water cold over long periods.


    It's not the destination but the journey




  4. FYI........the restaurant in Hotel Nevada is now run by Denny's. The separate dining area many of you are familiar with is still there and I've asked to use that for our dinner. I did call the Jailhouse Casino & Hotel across the street and was told their cafe closes at 6p but their other restaurant is open for dinner. Being their fine dining restaurant, I was told the average dinner price is about $25. Therefore I'll keep the dinner at Hotel Nevada. Suggestions/recommendations welcomed.







  5. Unlike the other legs, there isn't much between Park City and Ely once we get out of Provo. I'm planning to stop in Delta NV for gas and lunch. Delta is about 138 miles from Park City. Ely would be about 154 miles from Delta. Gas stations between Park City and Delta will be stops for those bikes that cannot make it to Delta on a tank. Same when riding from Delta to Ely. Suggestions/recommendations are welcome for food and gas.


    The tentative route from the hotel in Park city is:

    248 --> 40 --> 113 --> 189 --> 77 --> 147 --> 141 --> 6 --> 50

    Mileage to hotel in Ely from Park City is approximately 291 miles





  6. OK folks, I'll be your Leg 12, Park City UT to Ely NV, leg captain. I captain this leg last year going east. If you have any questions for me, you can PM me or post your questions here so other participants can get the info. There aren't many route options but If any of you have recommendations for a really great route west, please forward that info to me. All ride suggestions/recommendations welcome!


    See ya'll in July!!!............ed......aka Snowman808



  7. Hotel Nevada is the Leg 12 V2V hotel, Heber City UT to Ely NV. Room rates for Leg 12 are.........Single Queen $53.10.....Double Beds (2 beds) $62.10. You must call the hotel directly, 888-406-3055, and inform them that you want to book a V2V room. Rooms cannot be booked online and receive the V2V room rate. Leg 12 dinner will be held at the hotel.


    As of this date there are 8 people registered to ride Leg 12. If all registered participants are 2 in a room, this requires 4 rooms. I requested 10 rooms for the V2V.



  8. Hotel Nevada in Ely has traditionally been the V2V hotel. Although a LC has yet to step up, I've booked a double occupancy room at Hotel Nevada for July 2 check-in. I'm open to sharing the room. PM me if you'd like to share room. The hotel has given the V2V riders a discounted room rate in the past and hope this will be the case again this year. Hope the elevator is working! LOL Out of order last year! 8)



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