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  1. Same registration situation last year. Had to register for each keg individually. Sorry to say this but this process is pre-historic.
  2. Francis Marion.....The Swamp Fox.........Canada Dry Soda Company
  3. TopCat.....If you look at the 2016 info on this site you'll find the cities stopped at going west to east. This year it goes east to west but for the most part will travel a similar route as last year's but instead going east to west. This should help you plan how far west you'll ride. The ride will end on 4 July, probably in the Bay Area. If I recall, there are about 13-14 legs, each leg being a day if it follows last year's format. I rode my first V2V last year and enjoyed it. Met great people.
  4. Rode my first V2V this past summer. Really enjoyed meeting V2V veterans the few rookies like me. I hope to ride again next year. I did captain a couple of legs with great rider participation assistance. With this little bit of experience, I'd like to suggest leg hotels used, whenever possible, be those hotel chains that offer the VMC hotel discounts. If a particular hotel chain(s) are approached at the corporate level, MAYBE a discount larger than the normal VMC discount could be secured. A difficulty with this is putting the burden of contacting corporate on a single person as well as not knowing how many rooms will be required at each leg hotel. Historical info would have to be used for this info. I know some legs had only a handful of riders while other legs had 20-30 riders. Also, there is some tradition with some leg cities that people may not want to see changed. A hotel may not want to offer a discount for 5 riders but corporate may see the bigger picture of their hotels being used for the entire ride. I also understand that cost is a factor and that chain hotels may be more costly. But if hotels that offer free breakfast are used, that's an expense saver. Also, if riders are members of that specific hotel chain points club, they accumulate points and possibly coupons for future travel. Just my $.02 for what it's worth.
  5. Hotel reservation made......happy to share room. Snowman808 (ed) Check-in 7/1 Check-out 7/2
  6. Charlie.d...........PM me if you're still interested in sharing a room. Tried to PM you but was not successful in making contact. Thanks!..............Snowman808
  7. I'm a bit confused (which is not unusual for me)........Leg 5 starts from Craig CO and ends in Castle Rock, right? If yes, need the hotel for Castle Rock, destination point of Leg 5 on 6/24. Wouldn't Bear Valley Inn in Craig CO be the destination point for Leg 4, 6/23, thus determined as the destination hotel by the Leg 4 captain? Snowman808 :blsh
  8. Leg 4 - 24 JUN - Heber City UT - Craig CO I have a room reservation at Bear Valley Inn in Craig CO. The VMC rate is a flat rate of $60. I was told I was the second VMC reservation. I am traveling solo and am happy to share my room with another rider who wants to help keep their travel expenses down. PM me if you want to share the room. Snowman808
  9. TENTATIVE RIDE PLAN LEG 3: Ely NV to Heber City UT (changed from Salt Lake City / Park City) DATE: Thu 23 JUN 16 DISTANCE: 273 miles - estimate 6-7 hours LEG 3 CAPTAIN: Snowman808 - ed CO-CAPTAIN: ??? (volunteer welcome) ROUTE: 50 - 6 - 189 HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express Heber City (has free FULL breakfast with your stay) Book room on your own OR stay where you like Baton pass will be done here morning of LEG 4 departure I'll gladly share my room - I'm tolerable for 1 night :) LEG 3 DINNER: TBD LEG 2 and LEG 4 Captains please contact me as soon as details for these LEGS are set so I can coordinate Ely and Heber City meetups. TO ALL.......THIS IS MY FIRST V2V SO I ASK FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING. ANY SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE MY RIDE PLANS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Feel free to PM me.
  10. TO ALL...........please see V2V "17" Leg#3 posting for LEG 3 tentative ride details. Snowman808
  11. Since you have not received any offers from anyone to captain Leg 3, Ely NV to Park City UT, I'll be happy to do it. I'll ride up to Ely from Henderson on Wed, 22 JUN to meet the riders coming from the west. Anyone from the area who would like to ride up together, and maybe share a motel room, let me know. I plan to ride 93/50 all the way to Ely after getting off 15, a little longer than staying on 318/6 but supposedly more scenic. Hope to get into Ely around 3-5 pm. A nice day's ride in hopefully good weather. This is my first V2V so I ask for everyone's patience. My ride plan for Leg 3, Thu 23 JUN, is to ride to Park City via 50 getting there about motel check-in time or soon thereafter. Any suggestions and/or recommendations gladly welcomed. My plan is to ride to Frederick MD. Snowman808 :)
  12. This will be my first V2V so I'm not familiar with how things work. A few of the daily stops show 2 cities/towns (i.e. Salt Lake City/Park City, Denver/Castle Rock, etc). For the purpose of hotel reservations, is it possible to get the single name of the city/town the V2V ride will be ending the daily ride for those legs that show multi-named cities/towns? Thanks! :yho
  13. Seriously considering picking up the ride in Ely and riding to Frederick MD as long as there aren't any rest days. This will be my first V2V ride. New to Victory motorcycles and new VMC member.
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