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  1. Thank you!! Good luck and enjoy your first V2VE. One of these years we will have to join you. Your always welcome to join us also!!
  2. Last post for me this trip. Had a wonderful time as always. It was great to see my Vic family sisters and brothers and meet great new ones along the way. US40 out of Columbus all the way to the Bears Den in Cambridge to meet Leg 11 Captain Sam Titus. Picture at lunch with Sam’s wife Amber, Wayne Sr, Mark Merle and myself. The traditional passing of the bag and bars to Sam who took Amber and Mark to Uniontown while Wayne Sr and I headed home. have a great ride the rest of the way V2V 2021!! Until next year!!
  3. Group wanted to visit the Iron Pony motorcycle superstore before heading to hotel. Shawn took off home and the three of us had wings for dinner before heading to hotel. Sorry about the photo orientation, couldn’t edit it.
  4. On to Richmond to see the site of the first toll gate in IN and the IN Madonna of the trail. A few ride shots while on US 40.
  5. US 40 to Check out the Hickory Gym and school house from the movie Hoosiers. Gym was closed but still worth the stop.
  6. Leg 10 started wet as we rode to IMS but it stoped raining after we left the track. Wayne Sr, Bill Pittenger, Shawn Arteritero, and myself were the leg 10 riders.
  7. Road construction didn’t allow us to see an original trail covered bridge but we were able to see Contract Falls in Cloverdale, IN as our last stop of the day.
  8. Meet up with Bill Pittenger from Nashville, TN in Effingham,IL and rode to a great lunch at the Moonshine Store.
  9. The riders from IL should arrive at the hotel in Indy around 5:30pm EST. KSU to OH will be 8:30am and we should arrive at the Columbus hotel around 5pm.
  10. KSU out of Collinsville will be 8:15am CST. Please be fueled up unless you can make it 90miles. Great route planed.
  11. Be safe, have a great ride and see you in St. Louis (Collinsville, IL)..
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