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  1. This is Wayne Oosterhoff, Jr and have led the Cbus to St. Louis rides the past three years and would be more than willing to run these and maybe another one to the East this year. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the 2020 V2V. Thanks for organizing Chuck!! PS.. I have one request, it's never to early to start promoting the V2V on all the FB pages
  2. Great Pics Viv.. wish I was with you guys.. What were the temps going through there? Stay safe..
  3. Paton exchange with Lowell Johnson who is leading Legs 5 and 6.
  4. Had a great visit with a WW II veteran, Richard Good who flew C-47’s. Great stories and fellowship with him and Leg 6 riders.
  5. Made it to the hotel in Collinsville just in time to miss this.
  6. Leg 5 - great lunch and fellowship at the Moonshine Store, home of the famous Moon Burger.
  7. Leg 5 Riders getting ready to depart Plainfield, IN. Tom and Patty Wise, Lowell Johson, Vivian Hardin, Wayne Oosterhoff Sr, Robby Hobrook, Bobby Griffin, Mark Davidson, Mark Simpson, and myself. Great Day of riding!!
  8. Last stop of the day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  9. Great Lunch stop at the famous Maid-Right Sandwich Shop. Yes that’s gum all over the outside walls.
  10. Great Visit to the Ohio Caverns. Some formations over 100k years old. Nice and cool at 54 degrees 103 feet down.
  11. Leg 4 riders. Tom and Patti Wise, Vivian Harden, Lowell Johnson, Wayne Oosterhoff, Sr and Jr.
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