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  1. I think there's someone here who hasn't figured out how an MC works, I think an MC isn't "various" fun FACEBOOK Riders group. Usually when you choose to be part of something it's because you want it and because you know what you're talking about!

    Of course we are in the era of where everything is made of" likes "and technology It would all be "easier" because everyone or almost everyone uses Facebook,  but this does not mean losing or worse forgetting the origins, traditions, no matter if one day we will be less than we are today, " better few but good ". 

    At least we will know that those few are pure and believe in what they do and have chosen. I think This is the right place to interact. After all what changes, 2 hours on FB or 2 hours on the forum? 


    That said.... 

    Enjoy your Vic Ride and be a part of this CLUB! 


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  2. How great It must be to live this experience, congratulations to everyone for the passion and belief you show towards the club and the people who are part of it

    Beautiful photos, which make you understand the atmosphere there. Thank you thank you thank you. 

    Here from Europe especially in Italy we hope to do well in September for our First V2VE. See these photos from a certain charge of morality and pride. 



    Filippo President of LC 223 "Friuli" 

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  3. Thanks for sharing the pics, and for put here the pics.

    For me the club comes first! The club is where there is history and traditions, the club is the basis, solid foundations of the values of our sense of belonging.

    Ok FB can be fine, but always after the club. The club has to be first (if you really believe it) thanks to those who put the photos here.

    Congratulations again. Nice to see so many Vics and many people smiling and happy to be together sharing the same passion. 

    Enjoy your Vic Ride ✌?

    Greetings from Italy ????????

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