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  1. Since I am a registered leg 8 rider my recommendation is staying on hwy 94 through st charles and taking only 1 ferry. St Charles to Grafton. Depending on time we can eat in Grafton at a place on the water or we can ride to Alton along the river road and eat at Fast Eddies or Chubbies. Fast Eddies is the my iconic choice although it can be busy and loud at times, esp on the weekends. Chubbies is a biker type location just somewhat smaller. Cash is prefered at both. From there you have a couple options to get to Collinsville depending if you want to ride interstate or hwy.
  2. Any word on a dinner location working on making plans for the trip. Thanks
  3. Any more information on this. Do we have a ride captain seems like others have info already
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