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  1. Well said Candi - let me also send greetings and best wishes to you all, from Taiwan. Enjoy, have fun, stay safe.
  2. Thanks again to Gene Hunt and Bob Golden for helping with this. We are just missing four designs from the 20 years we have run the V2V. Please see the previous post where I made up two collages of the photos of the 16 designs which Gene and Bob sent me. Can anyone help with a photo of the missing four?
  3. It seems that you are taking all sensible precautions, responsibility and care. Being the other side of the world I make no more comment than that. After all the hard work you have put in I hope the event can safely go ahead, but conversely if the terrible decision has to be made I hope you will use all your great planning to host the 20th Anniversary event next year, and I hope to be there for that. Good luck. Stay safe.
  4. Many thanks to Bob Golden for digging out his collection of V2V t-shirts which has helped us fill in a lot of gaps. We are so close now to having a record of all the various designs, 16 out of the 20 V2Vs - can anyone help with pics of the missing years please. If you can please send me a PM. Thanks.
  5. That would be greatly appreciated Bob. It is kind of interesting for those of us who weren't there (or is it just me that gets a kick out of such things?!), and hopefully brings back memories for those who were.
  6. Thanks for those who have helped fill in some of the gaps with this. Here's a summary:
  7. That's wonderful - thanks so much for posting. It would be so nice if we can get a full set of photos.
  8. Here's a postcard I found, dated 1964, from Victory Drive in Craig, Colorado. This was part of US Highway 40, our Victory Highway.
  9. Anyone else fill in the missing years?
  10. Anyone remember which year this was? I am sure there must be some good stories about how you guys n gals got this photo achieved too. (Sorry the resolution is so low on this pic)
  11. Super - thanks so much Mike, and for that snippet of history too.
  12. Here are the front of these t-shirts - again, thanks to Gene for the photos. Note, the 2015 t-shirt was only printed on the front and was blank on the back - see above. Years, as per above. We'd love to see photos of the t-shirts for the other years.
  13. Thanks to Gene for these pics of various V2V t-shirts he collected over the years. Who can add to this with pics of the other years? Here's 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and last year's historic 20th running of the event - 2019.
  14. Here's a Club historic pic for inspiration! From V2V1.
  15. Awesome - so good to put names to the faces. Thanks Daffy.
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