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  1. Yes, sorry, I really hoped to get over to meet you all this year, but with the Covid situation it just isn’t practicable. I cannot get my second shot before October, and returning here would entail 14 days in quarantine in a hotel. I am sure it will be a fantastic event and I can’t wait to see the photos.
  2. Llama



    Please see my comment on your other similar post in the European Forum,
  3. Still a few shirt designs I don’t have photos of, but here’s this year’s added. What a history!
  4. Llama


    European Relay, crossing 6 countries.
  5. Llama


    The Pure Freedom Victory Riders LC (New Zealand) inaugural event.
  6. How amazing that 99.9% listen to over the airwaves radio stations....that 0.1% seems to still give some of these radio stations thousands of listeners. And you clearly haven't checked out the full list or REALLY checked out what they are all about.....but then you always know best! So maybe you can explain what have you done positively to promote the club, even in your local area? Then the rest of us who are TRYING can learn from your boundless experience and energy.
  7. Too busy to write a long list of biker radio stations…I presumed you would know better than me. Here are just a few off the top of my head, so apologies if I get any names wrong…I am surprised you didn’t know there was even one! Biker Radio Biker Classic Rock Biker Hart Harley Liberty Then there are news video stations such as: Bikers Inner Circle Black Dragon Biker TV Insane Throttle And there are some others in Europe such as Biker F M in UK…. and the list goes on! Anyhow, there are more but I am too busy these days.
  8. Why did you think I was talking about Taiwan? I am friends with hosts of two US Online biker radio stations and have written several articles for one of them before. The other offered a live interview spot last year but it wasn’t my place to accept. Zero budget effect.
  9. Thanks - I am picking the photos up from here. For some reason I can't open the videos. I do think we should have been hitting the motorcycle press and radio stations with announcements - I had suggested it some months ago (in fact I have been nagging about this since last Fall) I drafted a press release in an attempt to ease workload for others, so maybe it was done and I am not aware. Too late now for the V2V, except for LCs/Regions trying to get something in their local press in the last few days - again, maybe this is already happening. Not too late for radio stations though. And not too late for our Anni year in general (almost, but ....). Knowing how far in advance the mainstream magazines work it almost certainly is for them, although they might squeeze a mention in their general news pages. We should be broadcasting to the world that it is our 20th, about the V2V, the Nats, regional and local events, including overseas - V2E across Europe, the Scotland and New Zealand events, e.g., events all over the world to commemorate our official 20th year. I believe the Marketing Committee will be reporting at the Board meeting in July, so perhaps we will hear what has been achieved then.
  10. And on behalf of all the international members I echo Candi’s comments. We will all be watching the progress with great interest.
  11. Yes, I also love the design……wish we had these shirts in the Store to purchase for those of us who cannot join the event, but we could still somehow support it.
  12. Love the design! I hope you don't mind me posting a few old photos from V2V1 as the excitement mounts for this year's event....sorry the photos are so small!
  13. Posted before, but here are some of the previous V2V t-shirt designs. (PLEASE let me have a photo if you have one of any of the missing ones). It is fantastic that the Club will be running this for the 21st time this year. WELL DONE Viv, all the Leg Captains, and all involved.
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