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  1. That's wonderful - thanks so much for posting. It would be so nice if we can get a full set of photos.
  2. Here's a postcard I found, dated 1964, from Victory Drive in Craig, Colorado. This was part of US Highway 40, our Victory Highway.
  3. Anyone else fill in the missing years?
  4. Anyone remember which year this was? I am sure there must be some good stories about how you guys n gals got this photo achieved too. (Sorry the resolution is so low on this pic)
  5. Super - thanks so much Mike, and for that snippet of history too.
  6. Here are the front of these t-shirts - again, thanks to Gene for the photos. Note, the 2015 t-shirt was only printed on the front and was blank on the back - see above. Years, as per above. We'd love to see photos of the t-shirts for the other years.
  7. Thanks to Gene for these pics of various V2V t-shirts he collected over the years. Who can add to this with pics of the other years? Here's 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and last year's historic 20th running of the event - 2019.
  8. Here's a Club historic pic for inspiration! From V2V1.
  9. Awesome - so good to put names to the faces. Thanks Daffy.
  10. Planning is underway for a unique event in Europe in 2020, so whilst it is not yet set in stone I thought it worth mentioning for any members in Europe or thinking of visiting next year. The idea (made by one of our American members) is an event in Europe based around the 75th anniversary of "Victory in Europe" (VE Day) (8th May, 1945). Uwe, our keen German member, has taken the lead on looking at possibilities. Currently the idea is for a number of start points from different European countries, converging in Berlin for a gathering there, ideally at the Brandenburg Gate which has become something of a symbol of peace in Europe. There is already a busy calendar for Vic enthusiasts in Europe for next year, including an international rally in Austria (9 July), and 31 Jul - 2 Aug the very popular and fantastically well organised "HardBall 5"event in Luxembourg which is organised by our very dedicated Luxembourg Chapter. Uwe, do please correct anything here if necessary, and keep us updated. I know from our emails that you have some real challenges, but it would be a fantastic addition to the European calendar if it happens. The VMC has valued members in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Denmark, the Czech Republic.....and please forgive me if I have missed anyone! (Hey, we need a presence in Austria and the Netherlands!)
  11. More memories for some - here are two pics, one from V2V 2003 and one from V2V 2008. Anyone recognise the characters? Amazing to think the Club ran the V2V for the 20th year in 2019. Awesome guys n gals! (Sorry pics are so small, I have tried to enhance them as best I could - if anyone has any better quality pics they could let me have PLEASE send me a PM.)
  12. Chuck, I've gathered quite a bit of detail on past V2Vs. I could email that over to you if it might help. Let me know.
  13. I for one remain hugely excited about this. We have so much to be proud of, and so much to look forward to. We are THE Victory Motorcycle Club, the Club which has been there from the start, indeed helped with the development of these wonderful machines. Even though I am on the other side of the world, I am proud that we had the 20th running of the V2V, that we have such awesome regional rallies, that we had yet another successful Nats this year, and I am excited to see the historic 20th Anniversary meet discussed now and I can't wait to hear proposals made and plans unfold. The VMC - Where the Ride Never Ends.
  14. until

    Next time, raise a coffee cup for me!
  15. Loving the fact that we have members who are already looking forward to next year’s V2V......now THIS is what this great Club is (should be) about!
  16. Thank goodness....it is refreshing to get away from the other nonsense that's going on and to remember why we exist as a Club in the first place!!!
  17. A few more pics stolen and cobbled together into a collage from this year's historic 20th running of the V2V.
  18. A few more stolen photos of this year's historic 20th running of the V2V, put into a collage. "The VMC - Where the Ride Never Ends"
  19. Here's my translation - excuse any errors. Marku ("Llama") ......... It was the end of 2018 when we start thinking about the 2019 season: we would participate in the gathering in Luxembourg, and more precisely in Beaufort, the Hardball 4. A journey of over 2000km in 5 days. We are 3 total newcomers riding their Victorys, facing a 'serious' journey for the first time. It starts on 1 August from Noale, with a temperature that is still pleasant. We face the traffic of the Valsugana and then we turn towards the Brenner. Then off to the Europe Bridge, Innsbruck and the road to Germany where we stop for the night. We arrive at Beaufort and immediately meet our friends from the Victory Riders Luxembourg VMC, Franz, Mireille, Tom, Mike, Ian and Laura, all intent on making sure that the event runs away perfectly ... and so it will be. We meet many other friends known only via FB or meet in the course of friendship and beer. On Saturday the "classic" run for the streets of the Grand Duchy awaits us with a noble purpose: the support of the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg. The next day we depart for Italy: 650 km to the Bavarian Alps south east of Monaco. Our little adventure ends like this, with the emotion in the heart that does not want to go and indeed, lets in even a little melancholy at the moment of greetings even if ... we are already thinking about our 2020!
  20. Well done to our Luxembourg chapter (102) for organizing what all reports say was a fantastic event this year, with Vic riders from all over Europe attending. And well done to Roberto for writing this article.
  21. Maybe this wasn't as interesting as I hoped (and I had 2 or 4 more already prepared)! Never mind. Attached is a photo of a t-shirt in our local market here in Taiwan.....photo 1 or 2? ONLY JOKING!!!! More serious captions welcome.
  22. I’ve made up some collages of pics from this year’s historic V2V, the Club’s 20th running of the event. So, here’s one of the collages. Just for fun, add a caption! Photos are numbered 1 to 9.
  23. Apologies, I just posted an almost identical message under V2v, but just in case anyone reads this thread but not the V2V one: With my Club Historian hat on: If anyone has any GOOD QUALITY photos relevant to the history of the Club, previous National or other meets, etc, I would be thrilled to get emailed copies....my email is A1MDV@hotmail.co.uk I stole some from the old website before we switched over, but the quality of the pics was reduced on the old site. I really want good quality pics, preferably with permission to use them. Anyhow, here is one I stole from the 2013 Nats.
  24. With my Club Historian hat on: If anyone has any GOOD QUALITY photos of previous V2Vs I would be thrilled to get emailed copies....my email is A1MDV@hotmail.co.uk (Indeed, actually I would be delighted to get any old Club photos) I rescued some from the old website before, but I think the site reduced the quality of photos considerably, and I really need permission to use the pics too. Anyhow, here is one I have "stolen" from the 2008 V2V, Plainfield, IN.
  25. Thanks Gene - great to see these pics and read your comments. Gosh, those roads were made for the big Vics. As I have been contemplating buying a XC I have been offered here, it is thoughts of such roads compared to the roads I usually ride on here which make me hesitate. Excuse me for putting up an unrelated photo, but just to make my point - this is the lane outside my house! So, seeing your lovely wide open roads makes me drool! Thanks Gene - always love your ride/meeting reports.
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