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  1. Super Johnik, thanks for posting. Looks like it was a fantastic event.
  2. Totally agree Gene. It really helps those of us who cannot attend to feel part of what is going on.
  3. Thanks for posting these details Tim. Even though I cannot attend (I live in Taiwan!) I still love to read about these events, before, during and after. For those of you who have all this available maybe it is hard to understand that even just reading and seeing pics of your events really does matter and helps those of us less fortunate to feel part of it all. It shows the VMC continues to be the wonderful Club it truly is, unique in the whole world, with really dedicated enthusiasts, sharing the love for our great bikes, selflessly spending their time and energy organising such events........really, it is inspiring and encouraging. So sincerely - THANKS! Looking forward to hearing how it all goes and photos later.
  4. Hi Steve - that's great. Welcome, and greetings from Taiwan! I am sure you will see many changes, and we continue to evolve - doesn't all good things! We must continue to evolve! Looking forward to seeing some pics (and stories) from you in due course, and don't hesitate to share your ideas and opinions on here too. Welcome again.
  5. Super! Thanks so much for sharing the pics. Keep 'em coming! Hope it is ok - I told a "Gentlemen's Riding Group" here in Taiwan about you all doing our historic 20th running of the event and they asked for the Spot Tracker link so they can follow you. Isn't that amazing? So now you have a (non-Vic) riders' club watching you all the way from the other side of the world! GREAT!!! Keep smiling. Stay safe.
  6. I'm saving most of the pics and will try to digitally adjust a few of them - hope no one minds!
  7. Thinking of you all! Just posted something on the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) website (Parking Lot Chatter) about this historic event you are riding on behalf of the Club. Have fun - stay safe - I'm eagerly checking for updates several times a day - great stuff!
  8. Thanks so much for posting, I look forward to seeing all these updates every time I check the Forum. It makes me feel part of it even from the other side of the world. I am with you on every mile in spirit if not physically. You are all making a historic journey in the history of our great Club. Have fun, stay safe.
  9. Have a wonderful time - a truly historic event for the Club. Thinking of you all. Stay safe.
  10. Wow - that's GREAT. Congrats to all who have put in so much thought and effort into this one. I'm sure it will be a great success and can't wait to see the pics and read the reports.
  11. Great - can't wait to hear how this develops.
  12. Fantastic Gene, and all involved. A historic event for the VMC. I wish I could be there with you all but am still excited to hear about all the experiences.
  13. Old postcard from Uniontown - also on the V2V, and Terre Haute.
  14. Thought some of you might like this, from 1939.
  15. Not too many "tears" i hope, unless they are tears of joy! LOL. Sure it will be a wonderful event. I'll be thinking of you all.
  16. Is this just open for VMC Members or for anyone? I see it has been posted on FB without any mention of the VMC.
  17. Our Luxembourg Chapter is hosting the HardBall rally in August. The following is from their FB group, copied here with permission of their President. I love their badge, so am copying that here too. ............. The biggest Indian & Victory Motorcycle Festival in Luxemburg (Müllerthal-Luxembourg's little Switzerland), the Greater Region Saar-Lorr-Lux and the Benelux countries. Everyone and all motorcycles are welcome. 2 Day of Bikes - Stands Village - Music - Concerts- Food & Drinks - Pinstriping - Tattoo & Barber Shop - Burnouts - Rideouts - Run & Fun FREE ENTRANCE!!!! More information will follow soon!!!! The Victory Riders Lx and the HardBall Crew are looking forward to see you. 4rd Edition HardBall Biker Days 4rd Edition VMC european Meeting 4rd Edition Indian & Victory Motorcycles Meeting
  18. Kent, I reckon I should add this to the VMC History. Anything in addition you feel should be recorded for posterity please send me a PM/email.
  19. All, I just bought this photo of Wendover, Utah, c.1925 which I thought was of interest to us and especially all those involved with the V2V, so wished to share with you.
  20. until

    Sounds awesome! Have fun. It would be wonderful to read a little write-up after the event so those of us too far away from such events can enjoy it with you, albeit remotely! Mark (Llama) ....in Taiwan
  21. Llama

    2019 National Meet


    Can I make it, can I, can I? Fly over from Taiwan, hire a car I guess...maybe...really love to!
  22. There is of course a huge amount of work involved and I take my hat off to those who undertake it. But I do like ggnutsc's comment to start aiming off even for 2020 because needless to say, the earlier the wider club membership has news, the more chance people have to plan their annual vacations. I live in Taiwan and have some commitments which I may have to address next year so don't know if I will have chance to make the journey over there, although would dearly love to do so, but I do know that I am already trying to piece together how my 2019 may look, at least the big events, and I am guessing many others are in the same position wherever they might live. So the earlier we all know about the main Club events the better...stating the blindingly obvious! I wish whoever takes on the 2019 event every success. I honestly think it could be a vitally important year for the Club and so, if I am right, this will make the 2019 event crucially important.
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