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  1. That's the most professional looking project that the VMC has ever been associated with. Great Job!
  2. Home last night a little past 8pm. 746 miles in 13 hrs.
  3. Sorry to hear that you are not 100%. Lets us know when you are back on the road.
  4. Going to try this weekend.. Got to get adjusted to eastern time.
  5. Here's the best I can do for a map. It should get us close. Link is interactive so you can route to it. http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Cherokee&state=NC&address=493+Kate+Lambert+Road
  6. Yep, Cool place. VERY nice people, the bikes run, too bad it's mostly HD. Still worthwhile to stop by if your in the area. National MC museum in Anamosa, Iowa has same type of bikes but they have all brands. http://www.nationalmcmuseum.org/
  7. How many tents will they allow on a site? I'm in for sharing. just need to know how many sites we need to reserve for the weekend.
  8. golfer daveltb sonicbluerider DREWLANDER Pin-N-it 5 campers - 8 votes It would be nice if those voting would identify themselves so we know it's not just people playing around.
  9. X = Sleep Inn 1 = Wolf Campground 2 = Flaming Arrow Campground
  10. Which Campground should we all stay at? #1 Wolfe Campground (Becky) 828 497-9868 Address is: 1056 Adams Creek Rd Cherokee, NC There is electric and water at every site. They have about 30 sites total. It is $25.50 per site including all fees and taxes, and they charge an extra $4 for an extra tent. #2 Flaming Arrow (Joanie) Toll Free: (877) 497-6161 Local: (828) 497-6901 http://www.flamingarrowcampground.com E-mail: info@flamingarrowcampground.com Write: PO Box 533 Cherokee, NC 28719 Address is: 283 Flaming Arrow Drive Whittier, NC 28789 Tent Camping Sites http://www.flamingarrowcampground.com/tent.htm Rates http://www.flamingarrowcampground.com/rates.htm
  11. SidecarTim Mrs. daveltb myself Anyone else to add to the list?
  12. So to my knowledge there are only 3 VMC members who have been to all 4 VMC National Meets held to date. Meet in the Middle Meet in the East Eureka Springs Meet Party on the 45th parallel They are all from Illinois. Any one else been to all 4 that I'm not aware of? Who are they? :chpr
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