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  1. BTW......what was the lowest "VMC Member Number" in attendance?
  2. Little error here in the west: Leg 12 is SLC to Ely, NV. Leg 13 is Ely, NV to Carson City\Reno.
  3. Hi Matt. Hope you have a good event!
  4. Hi AK. I might have some interest. Why not post this down in the SW Region as well as the Prescott Valley & Valley of the Sun Chapters? Might get more hits and generate some talk. Plus this is not specifically a VMC Related event.
  5. Throw it in the garbage....they'll never come to IL to serve you.
  6. How big\heavy is the trailer? What is the ball size and electrical connection (4-pin\7-pin)? I have a Honda Ridgeline and may be able to help. Re-reading your post.....two Visions! Gonna be heavy. Let me know.
  7. No generally accepted Victory hangout. AZ Victory, Phoenix, on Cave Creek Rd. No. No. Victory corporate has not participated in two years. Azbikeweek.com has the most pertinent information.
  8. Victory corporate is not coming to or sponsoring this event during AZ Bike Week this year. This event is co-sponsored by one of the local Victory\Big Dog dealers here in town, specifically: Victory\Big Dog Motorcycles of Mesa. Here is the link for registration: www.takintheride.com
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