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  1. John did you get pic's..
  2. best steak you will ever eat, and the best place to set up shop imho (batesville), enjoy the ozarks.. http://www.scenedaily.com/lifestyle/Bill_Davis_makes_his_own_bull_market.html http://www.chimneyrockcattle.com/davis.htm
  3. Well done, the Vet's that will help will appreciate it..
  4. Way to go folks those kids will enjoy the results for sure..
  5. We're home and The Diesel, is staying with us for the night then heading to Everett in the am..
  6. just hung up with Phil they are comming to the hotel to plan..
  7. No freakin' way Jim you told me my name was a shoe-in, I want a recount there must have been some hanging chads, I want a refund on my buy-in.. BBBWWWAAAA Congrats Tom that's awesome see you in July...
  8. Cool beans, wish I knew what all the hub, bub's about. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa. can't wait.
  9. http://www.outlawchrome.com/xcart/home.php
  10. Cool does this mean I'll see y'all in Greensboro the evening of the 16th, the Ride Across America will be coming in from Nashville that day..
  11. Will, thanks I got the tracking number.. Burl I will send you pic's however..
  12. Chris there will probably be several coming out west the week before you mention then heading to Sturgis, click this link, http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=61482&posts=26&start=1 Also read your PM's..
  13. Tom those are awesome prices, I was getting all excited till I realized those fender tips weren't for my TC.. Also which brand is that rake kit?
  14. Future writers, Tact goes a long way, that said Jim thanks for your response, To those concerned I have full faith in Jim's ability to create a fun, safe entertaining environment. He has worked hard to get the best available for this meet. There have been incidents where folks have written some pretty insulting comments about others right here in these forums,,, That doesn't make it so.. I just spent a considerable amount of time (just now) conveying these concerns with our convention center Host and she paralleled all Jim has said, and she (Julie) said she would be honored to speak with any one about they're concerns.. I'm confident Jim has/is making the best of choices on behalf of the club and applaud him for his efforts, I would invite all to do your own research.
  15. Kool, I've been running them for a year now and love them, folks he's your source..
  16. Here it is in it's finest form. http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/
  17. "" arrive in one piece, and all the rest will fall into place. "" WELL STATED
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