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  1. Iron-X, thank you for the info. Weird it throw all those codes yet is running just fine.
  2. Does anyone know what these screens are indicating? Cross Country
  3. I was asked to also post this Facebook posting here: AVR and VMC National Meet are two different events. Yes they are. Could the VMC National meet be held at the same time in the same place as the AVR, sure. Would it benefit both events, absolutely. One large event brings more of the vendors everyone longs for. I have yet to understand how one event takes away from the other one. Joined may greatly increase the membership of the VMC. Joined there are funds available from other sources to put on a larger event. If we need a banquet for the VMC members only, then have it on Thursday evening (or??). Joined this could easily be a 1000 bike attended event. I have heard repeatedly how the factory wants to work with the VMC and "doors have been opened". Let's work to build a Super Victory VMC event. Which could be handled by the standing National Meet Committee
  4. Why isn't there a National Meet Committee which does the event every year? It seems each year we are having less and less interest from the Chapters or regions to take on the task. Obvious by the lack of proposal for next year. This is a National meet subsidized by the National Club. A standing committee could be the organizing effort and solicit help from local members in the chosen area for what needs to be done in person. We aren't a 300 member organization anymore.
  5. We are back in Las Vegas. Safe and tired. Again, thank you for all the effort to put on this event!
  6. First I have to applaud the members who pulled this event together, great job. They even had to deal with hurricane remnents and pulled off a fun event. Now my issue.... The Victory Motorcycle Club has a board yet holds no regular board meetings. The club has officers and somehow they didn't feel interested, concerned or respectful of the membership to show up for the LARGEST national event of the Club. This event was planned over a year in advance but,the officers opted to have other things to do and not show up. As a member, I am embarrassed for the snub the National Meet Committee received. I really wonder if the officers have any interest in supporting the VMC and the Members.
  7. Even with the weathers lack of cooperation, you did a fine job. Thank you! We enjoyed ourselves.
  8. If the National Meet is still on, we are planning on riding out leaving Las Vegas August 28th and first night in Gallup New Mexico. I am thinking if we can coordinate other riders and meet in Gallup, it would be nice to ride as a group. Our current planned schedule: August 28th Las Vegas to Gallup NM August 29th Gallup to Shamrock TX August 30th Shamrock to Hot Springs AR Yep we are blasting out on the Interstate. Plan on riding the nice stuff when we get there. PM me if you are interested.
  9. Odyssey is the instant replacement on any Victory I own when the factory battery fails. I have used them for more years than I can remember in multiple vehicles and recommend them every chance I get.
  10. Are you actually powering the amp from the switched power lead? Or are you connecting the switched lead from the harness to an input on the amp and the amp gets power from a direct connection to the battery? If so, it sounds like the amp is feeding power back to the input connection. You should always use a relay and diode if you are using something other than the assigned accessory when powering off the factory harness. Trust me I know about this as I had my whole dash replaced twice due to an accessory. PM me if you want some ideas.
  11. Angled straight down does drive exhaust noise to return to the passenger.
  12. Picasa says "Oops... there's nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos, or they don't exist at this web address. Please contact the owner directly to gain access."
  13. Absolutely well done. Great job by the team who put this together!
  14. If you replace the battery, do so with an Odyssey Battery, better life and better reliability.
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